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After the very beautiful and successful launch of Balenciaga Paris, the new Fragrance of Balenciaga, now the brand has “Beauty Ambitions”. They are launching 3 products under a very timeless luxury theme: Black & White.

Balenciaga paris black & white2 body products and one Travel spray. The first product is a Body Scrubbing, but not anyone… a black one. The texture is very surprising. It is a scrubbing Gel with an astonishing black intense colour, like a black beauty caviar. It is supposed to enlight and clean the body skin and let your skin slightly fragranced. After the arshness of black, the softness of White: a beauty body cream based in Karité butter.

The 2 products are packaged in a very qualitative packaging with all luxury aspects. Some say it is a “simple” body line extension from the Fragrance launched during the 1st half of this year. We can smell this beautiful, timeless and powdery violet, also present in the fragrance.

I think this can be more than a line extension. I would bet it is a test made by the brand to check the possibility to develop a full line of cosmetics, like Dior or YSL. All classical brands with a modern fashionable twist… ready to create Must have products…
We can see that the Black Exfoliator is already a Must Have…
Final but not least, the Travel spray was craft on the theme Black & White. Shaped inBalenciaga paris black & whitean octagonal silhouette, its white body wears black stripes like designed on the mass. Very chic, elegant and “convenient to be showed in public”.

I think Balenciaga follows its path of elegance and fashion attitude, something Dior has succeded on the past 10 years. Nicolas Ghesquière keeps the road as Artistic Director of the Brand. We still need to wait September to be able to buy these beauties at all Balenciaga Parfums point of sales and specially the brand stores.