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Luxury Activist takes the holiday season as an opportunity for thematic flashbacks on the most popular articles, news and reviews of 2013. In this session, find here the 5 most popular articles in 2013 in Fragrances. Good reading.

When the Fragrance industry forgot to say no…


The Fragrance industry has a hard life for the past 10 years. Economic crisis? No, not at all. Here we are talking about all the forbidden ingredients black-listed every year and that start making things impossible. In one side we have official institutions and NGOs fighting against Fragrance ingredients supposed to be allergens and in another side, the Fragrance industry…. silent as tomb. Check here our review:

Supremÿa Yeux La Nuit by Sisley, Efficiency while sleeping


All wise people will tell you: “nothing better than a good night sleep”. Sisley this fall helps you maximize your night time to give you the best for your day life. How? With the launch of Supremÿa Yeux La Nuit, get all your past years back… only in 4 little weeks. Check our review here about this amazing product: 

Valeur Absolue, More than a Perfume


Every month, you can discover a new Brand here at  This month we met the owner of an amazing brand called Valeur Absolue. It was launched just now and has already a brilliant future ahead. Check our review here:

Shalimar, new film by Guerlain. The most beautiful Love story ever


History told us many love stories. Romeo and Juliette, Antony and Cleopatra or Paris and Helene of Troy. But do you know the biggest Love story of all? Well Guerlain celebrates this story for the past 88 years with its legendary fragrance Shalimar. And this month, they released a new film, as a magnificent poem to this amazing love story. And the star here is Natalia Vodianova. Check our review here: 

Marilyn Monroe: Chanel 1 x Dior 0


While Marilyn created the story of Chanel No 5, Dior created a story with Marilyn. In this end of the year, the 2 giant luxury houses battle for Marilyn Monroe. Who is going to win? Probably Chanel because Marilyn was the first to say it. Check out our review about this deathmatch.


Happy holiday season



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