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Bulgari launches Bulgari Man Extreme. A second chapter to Bulgari Man and as always, the Italian brand plays the concept of the creation to the maximum. This time, offering a more edgy version of the Bulgari man. At LuxuryActivist, we could test the product for you and check out the outcome.

Bulgari Man Extreme, the concept

While Bulgari Man, launched in 2010, featured a masculine reassurance under the silhouette of Clive Owen, Bulgari Man Extreme is much more edgy and vibrant. We can see a new face, Eric Bana, representing a more daring, adventurous, yet virile vision of men. The first chapter displayed the relationship between the man and his fragrance. In this new chapter we can see the interaction between the modern man and different elements in his surroundings. It is also a brighter, vibrant and adventurous image. It is also inspired by the spirit of Rome, that tend to represent a modern, sensual elegancy.

Bulgari Man Extreme, the Ad campaign – the film

Having Eric Bana as the face of Bulgari Man Extreme was not sufficient. Bulgari is always looking for new boundaries. So the advertising film was directed by Matteo Garrone in person. He is one of the brightest italian directors of his generation. Several times rewarded at Cannes Film Festival, he has a contemporary look on the italian modern society. Rome is also a strong inspiration for him as he was born in the Italian capital. The Movie features a super classy Eric Bana in the modern man journey. The set takes place in the surroundings of the Museo de la Civilta Romana in Rome.  It is the first Commercial campaign ever that Eric Bana is involved. Here is the film. The storyboard is very original, in which metaphor is a current word. The movie itself is set as a duel between strong icons, personalized in the shape of animals:

  • The snake : the icon of seduction
  • The Lion: the icon of courage
  • The Eagle: the icon of wit

The modern man faces these mighty icons as if he was measuring his own capabilities. We could also imagine he was recognizing himself on each one of the icons. So duel or symbiosis. All of these under the aesthetics eye of Matteo Garrone. The soundtrack is an extract from “Theme of Rome” by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. It pays a tribute to the italian spaghetti western era in the 70’s. As the storyboard was created as a duel, probably it made sense to have an modern western soundtrack.

Here are some of the best images taken from the film:
Eric-Bana-Bulgari-Man-extreme-film-2 Eric-Bana-Bulgari-Man-extreme-film-3 Eric-Bana-Bulgari-Man-extreme-film-4 Eric-Bana-Bulgari-Man-extreme-film-5 Eric-Bana-Bulgari-Man-extreme-film-6 Eric-Bana-Bulgari-Man-extreme-film

Bulgari Man Extreme, the Ad campaign – the print

With such a creative team for the film, only the best people could work on the print advertising. And to translate the concept of Bulgari Man Extreme into print, Bulgari asked Peter Lindbergh in person to make the shot. Of course Eric Bana is featured in the advertising too as a modern roman hero.


Eric Bana explained in a interview that he felt honored when Bulgari asked him to be the spokesperson for their new man fragrance. He was impressed by the history of the Brand, but also by the know-how, the aim of doing things to the maximum and always respecting the state of art. He also felt completely aligned to the image of this modern masculinity so it was not really a problem for him to play his character. The result is very classy and completely aligned with the Bulgari brand universe.

Bulgari Man Extreme, the outer-packaging.

As usual, Bulgari presents its new creation in a magnificent, elegant and masculine outer-carton packaging. Every detail is taken care of  and we can see Bulgari is a true luxury house. As you can see here below on the close-up, the carton packaging has this very subtle yet elegant texture with horizontal lines, playing with both light and touch. The silver treatment of the frame and the letters also brings a lot of masculine modernity. Purely essential.



Bulgari Man Extreme, the flacon.



The original flacon of Bulgari Man was created in partnership with Atelier Oï. They are experts in design and architecture. It is not the only worked they did for Bulgari and completely understand the brand DNA. The flacon is an essential work inspired from the dial of a Bulgari watch with solar signs. An amazing glass weight shapes the flacon and on top a massive black top with the Bulgari name and a metallic cap featuring solar rays. The new flacon of Bulgari Man Extreme replaces the original flacon with a fluid silver surface treatment which makes it more edgy. 2 versions, a 60ML and a 100ML are available. Here below some images from our exclusive photo shoot in which you can admire the beauty of this work.

Bulgari-Man-Extreme-EDT Bulgari-Man-Extreme-flacon Bulgari-Man-Extreme-flacon-detail

To complete the range, a 100ML Aftershave balm is available, the perfect gentleman companion. The formula is very practical for a man to apply. It penetrates quite fast and softens the skin while calming the shaving burn. Not sticky, the balm formula has a perfect balance between fluidity and caring. The packaging is a practical and essential tube, a classical in men’s grooming.


Bulgari Man Extreme, the fragrance.


The first Bulgari Man fragrance was created  by Alberto Morillas from Firmenich. It is a modern oriental, facetted with White honey and Benzoin, with a sophisticated and elegant woody structure. The new olfactory creation was also signed by Alberto Morillas. This time the perfumer wished to highlight the vibrant and masculine woody structured softly wrapped with a vegetal amber accord, an exclusivity for Bulgari. So the new creation is definitely more sharp yet comfortable. A modern contrast that fits perfectly the urban, classy gentleman. A mediterranean aromatic facet matches the concept of a certain Italian masculinity that is timeless. On skin, it is definitely a fragrance that leaves an unforgettable trail.

If you want to learn more about this fragrance, you can visit the special mini-site created by Bulgari:

Bulgari is completely aside of standard perfumery. They do not follow trends. Fashion passes but style remains.



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