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Most of the time, Chanel has a edgy purpose and we can consider this brand as a trend-maker. But for its summer make-up collection, they came up 2 years too late with the theme. Other brands like Lancôme did it already. If we would choose an hashtag for that, it would be this one: #Fail

Chanel Make up Summer 2013

Indeed, someone should have said that the Butterflies theme was 2 years ago. And if you look to the photo itself, the mascara on the low lashes is not well done. Looks messy. This is what Lancôme for example did.

Lancome Ultra lavande collection 2011






In terms of colours, Chanel did also pick up a very Lancôme style palette. It reminds me the Fred farruggia era and even Aaron de Mey is pursuing this path. Here a visual from 2011 summer trends by Aaron de Mey..

Lancôme have been very avant-garde in terms of Make-up trend and this year Chanel got it wrong. At least you can still use your 2011 colour palette this summer.

On the Chanel website, you can see the following mood video. Is it Vanessa Paradis? The thing is that we cannot 100% recognize her and at the same time the model looks like her. Strange. For a summer collection, we would have expected a much more brighter environment rather being in the dark.

Any way. So let’s see finally what Lancôme has to offer this summer, that, according to me looks much more into this summer trend. It is energizing, young and much more exact.

Lancome_InLove Emma Watson


Lancôme put on stage Emma Watson, the brand young egerie. The collection is a burst of youth and energy. The radiance of the sun placed in a collection of trendy make-up.


While in Fashion, Chanel has always the right “words”, in Make-up things are getting a little “disconnected”.



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