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Discover Egofacto, a very exclusive brand, available mostly online only. And this christmas they are launching a very exclusive limited edition of their luxury candle: Black tea & Raku Candle limited edition.


Christmas is always the right moment to find the perfect gift for the ones we love. It is also the moment that outstanding brands reveal outstanding products, mostly as limited editions for Christmas.

Egofacto, make your declaration of Ego

Born from the creative mind of Pierre Aulas, Fragrance expert, Egofacto tends to be the brand that everybody dreamed of. Why? Because Egofacto tends to propose the perfect scent for your own personality. Egofacto, factory of Ego? With a short, yet complete range of fragrances, Egofacto proposes very original, highly qualitative fragrances for women and men. You can discover the full collection here: 

This Christmas, Egofacto launches a very special limited edition of a luxury candle called Black tea and Raku.


It is an unique creation. Each candle has its own number certification and only 300 candles were produced. Its fragrance is an original fragrance made only for Egofacto. An elegant contrast between the intriguing warmth of Black tea notes and the dazzling freshness of a Green Absinth and Mimosa accord.


With its 3 wicks and its 1,3 kg of high quality wax, this candle will elegantly perfume your interior for more than 100 hours. This amazing candle is presented in a real Raku ceramic. Raku is a type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Do not hesitate to visit the brand website to learn more about this candle and check here the exclusive online shop where you can buy the candle: 

Bring light to your christmas evening with elegance and style.


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