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When Chanel launches a new fragrance, it is always big news. We all have in mind the amazing olfactory creations the French luxury house has been providing in the past decades. All different with their own personalities, yet one thing always prevails across all creations: this passionate aim to intrigue, explore, excite and conquer the hearts and the noses of all Chanel’s fans around the world. 2017 is a very special year, the year of Gabrielle Chanel. It is a year of celebration and a year to remind what Chanel stands for. It is a year with amazing product revelations, from fashion accessories to watches and now fragrances. Here is the story of an amazing new launch, a fragrance called Gabrielle Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance, the quintessence of Chanel

Everything on this new fragrance is to remind the amazing work Chanel does in the Fragrance industry. It has set trends, written down in gold letters the history of fragrances. It is always surprising the fans with amazing stories and uncompromising state of the art creations. Gabrielle Chanel fragrance is all these and much more.

As a child, she was Gabrielle. The name that defined her more than any other (…) Gabrielle would write her own story and refused to let anyone do it in her place.” – Chanel


Using her birth name for the fragrance, it automatically reveals a strong authenticity in its purest form, stripped of all artifice. In this case less is more. Like the portrait of the company’s founder, the new fragrance evokes a woman who chooses her own path. Gabrielle Chanel had a strong identity and a rebellious heart. More than never she is an outstanding inspiration for all women today. Gabrielle Chanel fragrance is a story about:

  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • unshakeable strength
  • Self-accomplishment

The fragrance tells the story of a woman who is determined, courageous and who forges her own destiny. This new creation invites every woman to follow her own path and have faith in who they are. In a world in which women still need to battle for who they are, Chanel brings a positive and strong message without over-selling it with complicate stories.


The scent, unique as every Chanel fragrance

Chanel always liked flowers. They were always incorporated and blended with other notes like fresh notes, woods or balms. They were always part of an olfactory structure and the challenge of each creation is to bring you the Chanel signature with a new story. With Gabrielle Chanel, in-House Perfumer Olivier Polge decided to create a solar flower, which would be the master element of this olfactory painting. In cooperation with the Chanel Fragrance Creation and Development Laboratory, Olivier Polge has given a new voice to Chanel’s perfumer palette. He composed what we could call a “dream flower”. By capitalizing on a vibrant and impactful exercice around white flowers, the fragrance seems to radiate from the skin. This ideal white flower has been drawing upon all of the floral varieties ever recorded in the history of Chanel. Knowing the high quality of its ingredient palette, only great elements would align in this olfactory adventure:

  • Orange blossom
  • Jasmine
  • Yang-Ylang
  • Tuberose





By increasing the intensity of Jasmine, the Perfumer creates a sharp contrast with Ylang-Yalng which gets softened with white musk notes. Then, he accentuated the creaminess of Tuberose with milky Sandalwood. Last but not least, the freshness of Orange Flower got to another level thanks to a very elegant and sparkling work around Mandarin, Grapefruit and Blackcurrant. The final result is a magnificent luminous flower that seems to create an elegant halo of energy around the woman who will wear the fragrance.


Gabrielle Chanel fragrance will be available on September 1st in all official Chanel point of sales. 2 Flacons sizes will be available: 50ML and 100ML. You can visit the brand official website for more information about the outstanding universe of Chanel:

José Amorim

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