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This year, Sisley is launching a new episode under the Izia story. The olfactory journey leads us on night mode and highlights the story of an amazing flower theme: the Rose. Izia la Nuit is an ode to the night, another tribute to a mysterious and unique rose found in Isabelle d’Ornano’s garden that only blooms once a year for a short time. 

Inspired by the original Izia, a bright, airy floral scent, Izia La Nuit offers a renewed intensity combined with the warmth brought by vanilla and amber blends with the sensuality of the rose. Izia la Nuit is a sophisticated and modern scent that combines fruity and colourful notes with deep woody and leathery facets for an elegant, long-lasting trail. Here is more about this sophisticated fragrance by Isabella d’Ornano in person:

The sculptural bottle created by artist Bronislaw Krzysztof is adorned with a mysterious, glossy lacquer. Its deep black shade contrasts with the delicate golden film that reflects the luminous juice.

  • top notes: Fresh and vibrant (Blackcurrant, Mandarin, Cardamom)
  • Middle notes: Floral and luminous (d’Ornano Rose, Freesia, Magnolia)
  • Base notes: Woody and sensual (Ambrox, Patchouli, Vanilla)

Izia la Nuit, an hypnotic fragrance

Rose is the queen of flowers, and in the perfumer’s garden, it is an exquisite natural element to work with. There is still a part of mystery within all the 300 different natural chemical components of the rose scent. Certain components do not smell, but if they are missing, they will change the final result. Call it the hand of God, the mystery of nature or the limits of science; there is a magical beauty in the rose scent. In Madame d’Ornano’s garden, there is one rose that smells very different from the others, and Sisley just found a way to bring us this magical moment encapsulated in the Izia la Nuit flacon.

Photo: courtesy of Sisley Paris
Photo: Courtesy of Sisley Paris

A lot was already said about the Rose theme, but Sisley unveils a mysterious Rose, a woody floral fragrance as a modern chypre. Fragrance lovers will fall in love with this new fragrance as it is written in gold letters within the magnificent perfumery heritage. From the original Izia Rose, Izia la Nuit reveals a new aspect, more deep and facetted. Modern woods and a touch of vanilla make the spell. The fragrance on your skin becomes very addictive, so you cannot stop smelling it. It creates a comfortable and sensual aura around you and leaves the perfect trail behind.

Izia la Nuit: one flacon, two sculptures

At Sisley, the scent itself is not only the main important aspect of a fragrance. The flacon and the outer-packaging generally represent true challenges for professionals and amazing results to please the customers. Herewith Izia la Nuit, we can see the flacon and the carton packaging have amazing features that you do not want to miss. And when it comes to the flacon, the bottle and the cap are two amazing art-work.


The flacon

Sisley and the Ornano family are friends of the arts. For several years now, Sisley has successfully collaborated with Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof. He makes from each Sisley flacon a true piece of art (or the contrary!). With Izia la Nuit, the artist capitalizes on the original Izia flacon, but it dresses a black nightdress for this new creation. The beautiful black lacker accentuates the mystery and the beautiful glasswork. Such a surface treatment show the perfection and the quality of the glass. There are some open apertures within the flacon to the fragrance, and a gold effect inside reveals the majestuous beauty of the fragrance.

The cap is not left for granted. Bronislaw Krzysztof made a subtle and nice sculptural work on the cap that is glass made (most the brands would have chosen plastic but not Sisley). Therefore it is not one but two pieces of art that you acquire with this fragrance.

Photo: Courtesy of Sisley
Photo: Courtesy of Sisley

The outer-packaging

Like all Sisley products, all details are taken good care of to provide you with a true luxury experience. There is nothing by default or by chance. Here, this fragrance’s carton-packaging is an amazing work providing a beautifully crafted protection to the precious jewel.


The work of embossing and gilding on the cardboard is remarkable. All the details are treated with great delicacy. When the packaging opens, we discover mysterious eyes looking at us, like an invitation to go further and see what it has on the other side of the mirror!

The packaging of Izia la Nuit follows the heritage of a wonderful cardboard work that we find in all Sisley perfumes. The sensory journey already begins with the eyes and the touch of the packaging.

Izia la Nuit pursuit the Izia quest for extraordinary within a sophisticated garden. The rose unveils its mystery and invites you to a multi-sensorial experience. Henri Matisse used to say that there is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose because before he can do so, he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted. With Iziia and Izia la Nuit, the perfumer’s creative work was to create a unique rose away from all the other roses he knew. This is what makes it unique, and this is what makes it Sisley.

José Amorim
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