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La Prairie always united the very best of nature and the cutting edge technology at the service of beauty. With the new Pure Gold Radiance collection, it all starts with poetry to deliver a beautiful story and a very efficient product. La Prairie seeks to recreate a unique radiance moment and impart it to the skin. The house aspires to imbue skin with resplendence as if lit from within. Here is the review of La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate.

The Golden Hour: Where Magic occurs

The soaring elegance of the Swiss Alps is captivating and enthralling. Their ancient minerality, everlasting snowy mantel, and lofty summits all conspire to fill those who have the good fortune to gaze upon them with awe. However, as the sun starts to set low in the sky and its rays spread and sweep over the mountain face, this beauty reaches even greater heights.


Margaret Bourke-White

It’s a moment when undeniable beauty imposes itself. It’s a split second that radiates with an understated brilliance – a radiance unlike any other. The grace of the golden hour in the crown of the Alps is fleeting, but it is the hour when beauty is elevated to grace.


Gold Is More Than Just A Precious Metal

First of all, let’s talk about the highlighted element: GOLD. It possesses properties that are not present in any other mineral. Its unique colour comes from its electrons, which absorb energy-dense blue light and reflect complementary yellow light as a warm tone, close to radiant skin. Yet gold’s lustre is not only reflective. At the submicron scale, a large fraction of gold atoms is concentrated at the gold particle’s surface, allowing for the attachment of active ingredients.

These active ingredients are then released from the gold particles in a time-controlled manner when interacting with the skin, providing a steady diffusion of actives particularly well-suited to devitalised skin – fragile, thin, dry, rough and dull, deficient in nutrients. Both environmental conditions and physiological changes can contribute to this delicate state. When skin is devitalised, it becomes less receptive to nutrients, leading to a slow renewal process.

How La Prairie Builds The Pure Gold Complex?

A lot of people suffer from devitalized skin. Stress, external natural elements, aggression and lack of caring, your skin get thirsty, and the natural process of rejuvenation slows down. To help your skin regain its splendour, La Prairie has developed a new and exclusive Pure Gold Diffusion System. It was designed to provide immediate radiance and sustained delivery of two key replenishing ingredients to help compensate for the loss of receptiveness of the skin. The Pure Gold Diffusion System works in a three-peak action sequence. First comes the immediate deposition of gold particles on the skin’s surface to offer the look of instant radiance. An intense infusion of replenishing active ingredients in the free form follows.


Upon application, they immediately penetrate the skin and initiate skin nourishment and revitalisation. Finally, a steady release of the replenishing active ingredients attached to submicron gold particles completes the sequence. Once released, they penetrate the skin in a delayed infusion to ensure that optimal levels are maintained in the skin and further support long term skin reconstruction. Skin is left feeling revitalised, replenished, enriched.

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate: A small wonder At The Service Of Your Skin

This new generous serum provides immediate and long-term benefits to the skin for an unprecedented glow. The formula, infused with the Pure Gold Diffusion System, is designed to smooth the skin, refine its texture, revitalise its appearance, and help even skin tone. This rich, luxurious moisturizer illuminates the skin with the radiance of pure gold, restoring the skin’s radiance that has faded over time. This cream, infused with the Pure Gold Diffusion System, nourishes, smooths, evens, comforts, and profoundly hydrates the skin.


The new Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate will enhance the appearance of radiance in the skin instantly and over the long term. The luxurious formula will provide your skin with nutrients that will soothe and even the skin and its texture. It will also help restructure the skin appearance while promoting the feeling of increased volume from intense hydration. The result is without a shadow of a doubt: the skin is revitalised, replenished, enriched, diffusing the grace of the golden hour.

Created By Nature And Unveiled By Arts

According to La Prarie, their vision – its very raison d’être – is to create a world of beauty without temporal limits – a world of timeless beauty. Therefore, it is only natural that La Prairie continues this pursuit through luxury with a purpose, which, like the house itself, seeks to transcend the limits of time. La Prairie has been intrinsically linked to the world of art since its inception, finding inspiration in the contemporary aesthetic codes that have fuelled the creative approach of the House to date.

In its tireless pursuit of timeless beauty initiated by its founder Paul Niehans, La Prairie continues to remain faithful to its origins and creates new connections with the art world and its various representatives, whether cultural institutions, established artists or emerging talents, to perpetuate beauty beyond the ages. The connection with Arts is obvious, especially when surrounded by beauty as La Prairie is with the astonishing Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps, one of La Prairie’s inspiration and living laboratory, is the perfect elegant symbol of timeless beauty. This year, the luxury Swiss beauty house reveals an interesting collaboration with Hong Kongese artist Carla Chan announces its partnership with Frieze Art Fairs.


In May, La Prairie will unveil the striking result of its latest collaboration with Hong Kongese artist Carla Chan on the occasion of Frieze New York, taking place for the first time at The Shed in Manhattan. The installation is the result of a unique artist residency – a first for La Prairie – at the Monte Rosa Hut in Switzerland, which welcomed Carla to experience the majesty of the golden hour in the crown of the Alps.

Between abstraction and figuration, Carla Chan creates escapist experiences, projecting the spectator into a sensorial world in which movement predominates. The artist’s subject of predilection – nature –
An infinite source of inspiration that she brings to life in installations that oscillate from real to imaginary. To achieve this, she plays with the notion of time, the essential component of her artistic practice.

La Prairie engagement in How To Preserve Its Living Landscape

With the Pure Gold Collection launch, La Prairie enters a new era in its quest to give purpose and create positive change with a more meaningful luxury. It is also the perfect moment to celebrate La Prairie’s commitment to respecting and preserving the beauty of its home, Switzerland.


Driven by the love of the environment of its birthplace and grateful for the inspiration it provides, La Prairie has chosen to become an ongoing patron of the Glaciology Section at ETH Zurich to apply a timeless vision to its commitment to support glacier-related research being conducted at Continental Europe’s number one ranked scientific university.

Science is a prism through which La Prairie sees the world. Scientific research constitutes the first step to understanding the world surrounding us and forms a cornerstone to preserving Swiss nature now and for future generations. La Prairie’s new role as a patron to glaciology research at the university will immediately support two groundbreaking ice monitoring initiatives.

  • All Year Real-Time Glacier monitoring
  • 3-D information of the glaciers’ interiors

These ETH initiatives – the starting point of numerous other joint projects and ventures directly supported by La Prairie – not only strive to protect Switzerland’s iconic landscape for generations to come, they also pave the way for other mountainous regions across the continents to utilise this important research. Thereby helping to ensure the preservation of these frozen landscapes, an essential part of the awe-inspiring alpine scenery having inspired the Pure Gold Collection – from Switzerland to the world.

With this new launch, La Prairie remains faithful to the heart of its passion. Highlighting precious moments for a feeling of timeless beauty. The usage of Gold as a precious ingredient accelerates the delivery of active principles, which matches perfectly the brand approach. The formula of La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate respects the skin’s natural process and stimulates your body to do the work. This is for sure the most natural approach to ageing as it does not replace the human metabolism with something artificial. La Prairie delivers an amazing product that you definitely need to know, so your skin will maintain its splendour for a long time.

José Amorim
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