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2013 starts with a great Make-up renewal for Sisley. Different new products coming this 1st semester 2013. After the Botanical D-Tox that we already talked about in another article, here are 2 major products to complete the Sisley make-up offer.

MASCARA SO INTENSE, Thickening and fortifying

2 of biggest concerns for women about their lashes are always the thickness and the length. Depending on the days or on what a woman will do, she can diversify her make up. From almost nothing to highly sophistication, make-up can go with the outfit and the humor. But if there is always something a woman will never forget to do is to use a mascara. It is part of a woman daily rituals. So by applying on your body every day a product, you need to be sure it is the right one. That is why Sisley is launching their new Mascara collection So Intense. With its groundbreaking formula and unique skincare benefits, it improves the length and the thickness of bare lashes in only 4 weeks. The result? A star-quality lashes…

So_Intense_by Sisley

To accomplish this amazing result without any mechanical help, Sisley developed an unique formula based on the perfect blend between skincare and Make-up. Followed by strict scientific tests, it is the proof by the experience that will reassure you about this new Mascara.




The formula consists in 2 pillars.

#1 For the first time, Sisley used a Vitamin Peptide, a combination of a tripeptide and Vitamin H in order to boost the strengthening and the lengthening. In addition, Castor oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 will beautify the lashes.
#2 Volume and colour are key. With Sheathing polymers, including Acacia gum, Carnauba wax and Silica microbeads, your lashes are highlighted with a more intense colour and stay protected with a light film from root to tip.

Last but not least, the new Mascara formula get the sublimation required thanks to a new high-tech patented comb brush.

The new brush was designed nano-millimiter by nano-millimiter to capture each lash at its base and stretching them to infinity and curling them to perfection. Many women complain about the fact their lashes are short. Here with the new brush they will be able to make the best out of their lashes. The layout of the comb pins ensures a ultra-volumising effect.

3 shades will be available for the launch:

  • Deep black
  • Deep Brown
  • Deep Blue

So Intense Mascara by Sisley


The new mascara will be available by February 2013 in all Sisley Point of sales at the price of 57CHF / 60$ / 38 £.


PHYTO CERNES ECLAT, Eye Concealer with botanical extracts.

In this philosophy of blending skincare expertise and Make-up skills, Sisley is also launching a new product called Phyto Cernes Eclat. A new Skincare treatment specially designed for the eye contour area.


Nothing worse than looking like 10 year more than our current age and many times dark circles and puffiness are responsible for this look. With the new Eye Concealer by Sisley you can use its formula every day and carry it with you everywhere for a permanent and beautiful eye contour.



What can we say about this new formula? Well, it is a All-in-one approach. You can combat circulatory and lymphatic deficiency, tissue slackening, fatty deposits and beautify your look. How it this possible? Thanks to an amazing formula, with no essential oils, just with natural extracts.

Against Dark circles, 3 plant extracts: Red Vine, Arnica and Ginko Biloba. These all 3 extracts are organic and represent a blood micro-circulation natural booster.

Against puffiness, also 3 extracts: Caffeine, Soya peptide extract and Horsetail extract. These 3 ingredients fight the formation of  fatty deposits, boost the synthesis of Collagen and tonify tissues.

Finally Carrot extract, natural Alpha Bisabolol (from Candeia) and vegetable Glycerine produces a soft and comfort effect.

In terms of shades, Pinky beige, Peach and Apricot will be the perfect colour palette to match your skin all year long. In addition, Nylon microspheres brings a soft optical focus which immediately reduces the appearance of blemishes and white hallows around the eyes. Good point!


Last but not least, and this is a must that only Sisley would dare. It is a high-tech metal tip to massage and drain the eye contour. Made in pure Zamac (a metal alliage of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper)  this is the ultimate luxury touch, in complement to the usage of the small brush included in the packaging.


It will be available by the end of the first quarter 2013 at the Recommended retail price of 91 CHF / 97$ / 61£.

Another last minute news, remember the Palette Orchidée? It was supposed to be a limited edition and facing the success of such a great product, now it integrates the catalog, as well as new shades of Lipsticks. 2013 seems to be a strong Make up year for Sisley. And apparently they did not finish to surprise us…
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