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bang MJIt is official, Marc Jacobs is launching a new fragrance. The Fashion Gourou had a very elegant and discrete start in the perfumery business through Marc Jacobs Perfume and Marc Jacobs Men. I must confess I do not remember the feminine one launched in 2001 (White floral bouquet) but I still have in mind the nice sharp and soft spicy figtree fragrance for men he launched in 2002. Then Mr Jacobs got into the Cologne  with the Splash collection since 2005.

2007 is the launch of Daisy, a nice fresh and crispy green floral, very poetic and back to basics. The perfect hint of elegance for a young woman. Daisy was the last subtle fragrance of Marc Jacobs and since then, he explore a much more personal and over-exposed work. It started with Lola in 2009, an incredible fragrance bottle revealing a floral rich oriental. This was the first step of Marc Jacob as Pope of Fashion.

Today here is the masculine answer to Lola: BANG. If you see any similarities to Tom Ford, please do… I am impressed to see how extraverted he became. The advertising is Mr Jacobs himself as a Gym Queen hiding his intimacy with a XXXXL bottle of Bang Eau de Toilette. The advertising campaign was shoot by Jurgen Teller. Mr Teller is a german photograph. After his photography studies in Munich, he installed himself in London in 1986. Since then he became very popular thanks to his work for popular fashion magazines like The Face, i-D, Arena, Dazed & Confused, Visionnaire, Vogue, Purple, Paradis. He also works with Marc Jacob for a couple of years now. He was resposable for different fashion campaings on the Brand. See below some of my prefered ones.

Today he reveals a new Marc Jacobs, the real one?