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davidoff ChampionDavidoff, the well known brand for cigars and one of the biggest successes of masculine perfumery: Cool Water man. There was a before Cool Water and an after Cool Water. Of course the “after period” seems less glorious as lots of launches had place but few survived. In the men’s range, Cool Water is still number one. They made a very beautiful launch with Davidoff Adventure and the famous hollywood actor: Ewan McGregor. Beautiful concept but weak fragrance.

Today, Davidoff is back with Champion. We are the champions my friend…. Here we get back to a more basic vision of men. The one who is strong, who accomplish performance. It is a pity that all the concept is translated into the physical challenge. Men are also looking for other kind of challenges, more spiritual perhaps…  The bottle represents a dumbbell… the object itself is not so “clever”. Let’s see how this goes. The photographies are very masculine, quite aesthetic. It almost gave me aim to get back to sport… but no :-). It will be presented in 50 and 90 ml Eau de Toilette and in matching grooming products.


Davidoff Championdavidoff Champion