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Many people ask beauty advisors what should be their ideal beauty routine. And generally, the answer is: “It depends”. Beauty routines should always be adapted to one needs, although there are some principles you should not bypass. Experts tend to say there are five essential principles to building an ideal beauty routine:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Treating
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Protect
  5. Exfoliate

Sisley Paris has developed fantastic expertise in beauty rituals or routines. Launching its new Exfoliating Enzyme Mask is the perfect occasion to showcase Sisley’s know-how and the importance of an essential product, often forgotten: Masks.

The New Sisley Exfoliating Enzyme Mask: How to Regenerate Your Skin.

Why is it so important to exfoliate your skin, and why do so many people forget about it? As you might know, our skin is a living organ. It covers all our bodies and represents the perfect interface between the inside of our body and the outside world. The cell activity in our skin is quite intense, and the cellular renewal rate is pretty high. On average, our skin cells renovate every 27 days, which means we end up with many dead cells on our skin’s surface. To maintain your skin healthy and in harmony with the outside world, there is one solution: you need to exfoliate. If you do not remove your dead cells from your skin, it will, over time, create a shield of organic material that will block hydration, interfere with your skin tone and aspect and even create skin problems like acne.

Photo: courtesy of Sisley Paris

On top of this natural process, let’s not forget all the other things that tend to suffocate your skin and that most of us are exposed to daily. Make-up, excess sebum, urban pollution and impurities build up throughout the day, “suffocating” the skin and leaving it looking dull and dirty.

Exfoliate should be considered as the base of everything. Otherwise, everything else you will do would be for nothing. Sisley is bringing the perfect solution to this challenge with the new Exfoliating Enzyme mask.

Exfoliation using natural enzymes is very different from mechanical scrubs and chemical exfoliants. It acts on the bonds between dead cells instead of working through the friction of micro-particles, as with mechanical scrubs or dissolving the connective material between cells like with chemical exfoliants. Suited to all skin types, including sensitive skin, for the first time at Sisley, this product incorporates a natural fruit enzyme with an exfoliating action: Papain.


Papain is a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya plant. Proteolytic enzymes help break proteins into smaller fragments called peptides and amino acids. This papaya enzyme will help repair your skin and exfoliate. As a fruit enzyme, it helps to remove damaged skin cells and even stimulates the production of healthy fresh cells.

This new mask provides a “two-step” process thanks to the nature of its enzyme. First of all, it is all about preparing and exfoliating. With its natural exfoliating properties, Papain breaks down the bonds between skin cells built up on the skin’s surface. They are then instantly eliminated. Skin is left supple, smoothed and velvety soft, and its hydrolipidic film is entirely preserved. Now exfoliated, it is ready to receive the benefits of subsequent skincare.

As Papain is fragile and unstable, it quickly loses its properties upon contact with water. The only way to maintain its effectiveness was to design a powder-based formula. Surfactants of plant origin, derived from wisteria and Coconut, enable this powder to transform into a foaming cream that purifies the skin while keeping it balanced. Vitamin B3 rids the skin of its dull veil while also giving it a real radiance boost. The pores appear tighter and the skin’s texture is refined and smoothed. Skin is visibly more luminous and even.

Photo: Courtesy of Sisley Paris
Photo: Courtesy of Sisley Paris

The new Sisley mask has an immediate effect. While many masks in the market require a long pose on the face, the new Sisley Exfoliating Enzyme mask only requires one minute twice a week.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the texture. Honestly, it is my first time seeing such texture in a mask. When you place a small amount of product in the palm of your hand, you see a beautiful and elegant powder. As soon as you start working the formula with your fingers, the powder transforms into a delightful cream in contact with water. The experience and the feeling are incredible. It is a true luxury treat.

Photo: Courtesy of Sisley Paris

Sisley Ultimate Expertise in beauty Masks

Today’s world is moving ahead at such a pace that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Slow down has become a modern obsession, and offering a beauty break is something we should all crave for. Adopting a beauty routine adapted to your skin at home, during a weekend or after a busy working day is essential. Sisley developed a range of beauty masks that will solve all your challenges. From one minute to 20 minutes up to an entire night, Sisley beauty masks will bring the essentials that will rock your world.


Sisley’s face masks have been formulated to meet a particular need: A healthy dose of nutrition and hydration for dry skin, a radiance boost for dull skin, a rejuvenating mask to combat the signs of ageing, or a purifying and balancing action for a combination to oily skin. 

Once or twice a week, treat yourself to some time out; First, use a gentle face scrub, then apply a face mask as you relax. After rinsing the face mask off or removing the excess product, follow on with your toning lotion, then your day or night care, depending on the time of day. I was lucky to test all the different masks, and honestly, you can easily integrate one or several masks into your beauty routine.


For over 40 years, Sisley’s laboratories have studied the secrets of plants, earning them a reputation as experts in phytocosmetology. After researching fruit enzymes, they decided that Papain provides the most effective natural exfoliation results as it combines effectiveness, tolerance, purity and stability. By means of its biomimetic mechanism, the Papain contained in papaya helps stimulate the natural regeneration process while respecting the skin barrier, thus helping to eliminate impurities. With this new product launch, Sisley confirms its expertise and know-how. Do not hesitate to connect to the brand official website to discover more:

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