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In 2011, Sisley started the Black Rose saga with a brilliant Black Rose Cream Mask. Since then the range has grown with the addition of:

As a fourth addition to the range, The Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid is a concentration of the emblematic key ingredients from the Black Rose Collection. In a single stroke, the eye contour area appears illuminated, energized, smoothed, and revitalized. A refreshing eye fluid with exceptional revitalizing performance, the eyes seem to be smoothed, open up, and illuminated in a single stroke.


The first thing that stroke my attention was the specific applicator that helps the efficiency of the formula. With this touch-pen applicator, you can massage the eye zone in order to help penetrate the product which will improve the action. The cold ceramic applicator is ideal for massage and creates an immediate sensation of freshness.

The appearance of lines in this particularly fragile area is diminished, giving the visibly smoothed look of younger-looking eyes. Dark circles appear less visible and puffiness seems reduced. The eye contour area feels fresher, more rested, luminous and radiates youth and beauty. 

The formula is a textured emulsion that transforms on the skin’s surface into a fresh and melting gel. It is light, creamy and the skin can instantly absorb it. the emulsion-gel formula creates a very fresh effect on skin that is a great stress relief especially in the Eye area.

To note that this product is formulated without essential oils which is a good thing for the eye area. The Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid is naturally scented from May Rose Water. After the application, there is an instant result for the eye contour that appears smoothed. The dark areas look brightened and the signs of fatigue are visibly diminished. Day after day you will see the results to improve and to provide a rejuvenated look.

José Amorim
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