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Sisley is launching Soir d’Orient, an amazing fragrance that only Isabelle and Hubert d’Ornano have the secret talent to develop. A free variation of Eau du Soir which envelops us in the distinctive, almost magical, atmosphere of an oriental palace. The Alcazar reveals itself in a new light, suggesting a fragrance veiled in mystery which exalts a radiant femininity.



Eau du Soir is inspired by Isabelle d’Ornano’s childhood memory of walking in the gardens of Alcazar in Seville, in southern Spain. She wanted the note at the heart of this elegant chypre to be Seringa, a simple, unusual white flower whose distinctive characteristic in these gardens is that it develops its essence at dusk. The evening arrives, and with it, suddenly, a perfume. It is the magic of this precious moment that for her evokes Eau du Soir.

As a To rediscover the warmth and mystery of Andalusia. This variation of Eau du Soir transports us to a palace in Seville that bore witness to the “convivencia”, in which communities shared their knowledge, arts and cultures, making it a golden age of these proud lands.

A composition that is as enigmatic as it is dazzlingly sensual. With sparkling and enchanting top notes, it seduces with its spicy, floral heart leaving a delicately woody warmth in its wake. A sparkling and mesmerizing start. A fragrance that combines the brilliance of Italian Lemon, the green freshness of Iranian Galbanum and the voluptuous roundness of a Saffron accord. A floral and spicy heart of Black Pepper from Madagascar lifts the fragrance, adding an almost insolent dimension to the mysterious and captivating scent of Turkish Rose absolute and Egyptian Geranium. A woody and mysterious wake Incense. The rich woodiness of the Sandalwood accord and the mysterious leather scents of Somalian Incense combine with the warm elegance of Indonesian Patchouli.


Sisley has an astonishing endless universe. From a fragrance point of view, the territory is so rich that you can obviously start a never-end journey among magnificence, sensuality and good taste. To discover more about Soir d’Orient and Sisley, do not hesitate to connect to the brand official website: 

The Andalusian sun sets over the Alcazar causing the azulejos to sparkle with myriad metallic reflections, thus revealing in its brightness all the enchantment of an Eastern night.



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