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All wise people will tell you: “nothing better than a good night sleep”. Sisley this fall helps you maximize your night time to give you the best for your day life. How? With the launch of Supremÿa Yeux La Nuit, get all your past years back… only in 4 little weeks.



It is better in the night


During a good night sleep, your body is working for you. Many natural mechanisms have a role to play and help your body to recover from all the aggression made by day conditions: stress, pollution, cold, humidity, etc. Why the usage of cosmetics during the night is more efficient?

The Cell renewal is higher

During the day, the skin cells play their role, when the night comes they start the “cleaning up”. Many studies have shown that skin regeneration is 2x more active in the night than at any time of the day. Apparently, there is a peak between 23:00 and 04:00. The Collagen production is boosted, free radicals are destroyed and of course any other type of cell damage is rebuilt.

The skin is ready to receive more active ingredients

Because your skin is in the middle of a natural absorption process, it will be ready to assimilate more cosmetics actives than during the day. You can also understand that during the day you have many other products like make up or sun blockers that can interfere with this natural absorption process.

You loose water in the night.

The trans-epidermal water loss is defined by the measurement of quantity of water that passes from inside the body to the outside thanks to evaporation. This process is more important during the night and that is why your skin feel stretched when you wake up. So it is really important to help your skin not loose too much water.


Supremÿa Yeux is your night companion


The Concept

4 years ago, Sisley launched Supremÿa La Nuit. It was a major move towards the understanding of chronobiology, genetics and skin physiology. This year, Sisley completes your night-care by launching Supremÿa Yeux La Nuit.

When you look tired, most of the times is because your eyes look like a …. “mess”. Dark circles, puffiness and dropping eyelids are often responsible for this.

Sisley proposes here an amazing formula. According to the brand, this new global treatment pushes back the genetically programmed ageing process, spectacularly reducing the appearance of all signs of ageing on the eye contour and offering our eyes new youthfulness. See here a video about Supremÿa concept:

The Formula

Sisley here capitalized on the efficiency of its Phyto-Complex LC12. 4 powerful botanical active ingredients that double the lifespan of cells and considerably boost their protection and repair.

Supremÿa Yeux enriched the formula with a selection of active ingredients, each one targeting a specific eye contour issue: dark circles, puffiness, lack of firmness in the eyelids, crow’s feet and wrinkles. And because we are talking here about the eye contour, one of the most sensitive skin of the body, no essential oils and fragrance were used.

A trio of stimulating, draining and anti-slackening active ingredients were used:

  • Açai extract: a brazilian berry with natural antioxidant and vasoprotective properties
  • Yeast extract: increases capillary resistance to help the eye contour to deoxygenate and detoxify
  • Caffeine extract: Fat-reducing active ingredient fighting puffiness.

In order to protect, nourish and soften the skin, an unstoppable beauty cocktail:

  • Vegetal Glycerin
  • Plum Kernel oil
  • Shea butter
  • Natural Alpha-bisabolol

The Texture

The texture is fresh and quite innovative because it is a half way between a cream and a serum. when applied on the skin, it is not sticky, so also perfect for men and it penetrate quite fast. With its 15ml airless pump-dispenser bottle, you can apply it once every evening before going to bed. You can use it on the upper and lower areas of the eye contour. You can improve the absorption by applying a delicate massage with the point of your fingers.



In terms of beauty ritual, here is the advice of Christian Stannek, responsible for the training at Sisley Switzerland: every evening, before going to bed, on a cleaned and dry skin, apply Supremÿa Yeux. During the day, you can complete your eye contour treatment with Sisleÿa contour des yeux.

It will be a worldwide launch in September 2013. The recommended retail price will be 215€ / 265CHF for the 15ml. For more information about Sisley or any other request, you can connect directly to the brand website: 

As we say, the eyes are the window to the soul. With Sisley, your soul will be beautified !



Info sourced at the Brand special event in Lausanne by Sisley Switzerland. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.