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Aesop just opened a new store in Lausanne. Year after year, the Australian brand is investing into the Swiss Market as being part of one of its key european territories. Aesop is an amazing brand. It all started in 1987 in Melbourne – Australia. It was founded by Dennis Paphitis. His aim was to have a precise and expert range of superlative products in which he would gather the best of what nature and science can offer. In addition to skincare, Aesop also produces hair care, soaps and fragrance.

Each time Aesop opens a new store, it is an unique new story starting. Each store has an unique design and atmosphere. In Lausanne, it is all about wood. Located in the historical area of the city, the new Aesop boutique was designed by  Marion Mouny, architect at Aesop Design department.






The space is inspired by what Gio Ponti did at the Intercontinental Hotel in Naples. This new 17m2 store gives the impression of a full compact wood decor and everything was prepared to provide customers a great experience.  In the store you can find all the ranges for face, hair and body. The contrast of materials as well as the minimalism approach of the overall look make you feel different from your daily life. One important detail are the 2 main glass chandeliers made by Paulo Venini from the 60’s. They occupy an important place in the store as its unique signature. Obviously everything was also well organized from a practical and functional aspect. You can easily discover all the products, how to use them and even ask for an advice.

Rue Saint Laurent is a very interesting place in Lausanne. Located in the historical area, it is a very animated location. Several stores, department stores, other beauty stores and even a little weekend market are present in this specific location. So there are always people walking around. The new Aesop store will benefit from a local area customer as well as visitors from other places and even tourists. With a very elegant façade, the new Aesop store blends perfectly to the elegant architecture of the area. Before Lausanne, Aesop opened Geneva store as you can see in the below images.



There is a certain connection, yet each boutique is different. Aesop generally adapt its boutiques to the areas in which they are located, or it can be another strong reference. They all have this savvy blend between heritage, cultural references and of course being functional in order to inspire sales. In general, the brand can be found in its own ‘signature spaces’ (concept stores) and department stores. Aesop has a very specific way to develop the brand. In many ways, less is more. They prefer to have a short yet interesting distribution network that they master completely rather than going broader and then completely lose the brand message and quality. Aesop picks up the locations of its stores with the aim of proposing the brand universe in the best way possible. Each store tells a story, a different story but all of them are proudly ambassadors of the Australian brand. You can visit the brand official website to connect deeper into Aesop universe.

If beauty was considered as a religion, the Aesop Lausanne store would be one of its beauty magnificent temples.  If you are passing by, do not hesitate to enter the store. Very soon they will have Christmas gift sets, which represent amazing gift occasions.

Aesop Lausanne
Rue Saint Laurent 6-8
CH-1003 Lausanne

Open hours:

  • from Monday to Friday – 09h30 to 19h00
  • Saturday – 09h00 to 18h00



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