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With hundreds of product launches every year, the body care segment is one of the most dynamic beauty sectors of all. According to ReportLinker, the full body care and Hygiene sector is growing by 4% each year to reach 47 billion US$ by 2015. So, how to find the right product for your needs? Now, you have one website that will give you an independent yet expert advice. The website is called Trust My Nose.


All products are reviewed by perfumery industry professionals giving you unbiased informative reviews and comparisons on the Best Body Care Products from the U.S. and European Markets. What is the interest of it? Well, you can find all information about the hot launches worldwide but above all, the opinion of experts in order to provide you a true opinion about each product. Under scores going from 0 to 10, they judge Texture, Fragrance, Performance and Skin feeling. Plus, they also give you which markets are available and an overall Rating. See example below:


Here are the different product categories you can find in the website. Despite the fact that it is a young website, launched this year, they have already a pretty good collection of products reviewed.

  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotions
  • Face Products
  • Shampoos
  • Deodorants

2 extra sections are also available in the website. The first one is called Brand watch. In this section you can find an interesting collection of Brands history and description. So you can learn more about the brands behinds all these amazing products.


Another section on the website is called What’s hot. It is like the blog section of the website in which you can read different news about strategies, events, operations or brands. It is an interesting source of information about the beauty industry. Lots of interesting insights.


The website is also participative. Visitors can also share their experiences with the products, so you can compare the expert opinion with other users and make your own opinion about it. You need to be a registered user, so you will be part of a community experts. If you have any questions related to a specific product that you cannot find on the website you can always contact the team and ask your questions.

So before applying something on your skin or on your hair, you might want to trust someone’s nose first 🙂


Info sourced at, reportlinker and wikipedia. all content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.