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Every month, you can discover a new Brand here at  This month we met the owner of an amazing brand called Valeur Absolue. It was launched just now and has already a brilliant future ahead.



What is Valeur Absolue?

The concept of the brand

Valeur Absolue is a Swiss beauty brand with the originality of blending what nature and science have at its best to serve one and unique purpose: make women feel good and happy. Life is hard, so you should “do-you-some-good”. Basically, the birth of this brand came on the analysis that we have less and less things or situations that could make us happy. Everything tends to be a little “black”. Women face everyday a complex situation in which they need to accomplish several tasks under several roles. Of course we do not speak anymore about the “Power-woman” of the 80’s but more a “multi-facetted woman” in the years 2000. She is much more aligned with who she is and wishes to refuse any limitations on her desires. What we call in french “Femme-plurielle”.


These are the real women, not several of them, just one. But what happens when we check what the Fragrance industry proposes as vision of this woman? We realizes that it is always the same song. Women, in the perfume advertising, are perceived as seductress, as if a fragrance could only serve one purpose: “to seduce”.


The problem here is that every brand proposes only one vision of women. This makes the market complicated as all these ads are similar. We could exchange logos, brand names and even products. No difference. After a while, women have more than enough to see the same old song proposed. Why brands do not get rid of this stereotypes and explore a different femininity? Probably they play the safe card. Don’t understand me wrong: women wish to seduce of course, but not all the time and not being considered and defined by this exclusively. They have different aims and moments.

Brands like Clarins or Shiseido tried in the past to bring something else, something more than just sexy fragrances for sexy women. Fragrances like Eau Dynamisante by Clarins marked a full generation of women with the idea of “Eau de soin”.

Valeur Absolue is trying to replace well-being in the heart of the fragrance industry. So, based on the historical roots of perfumery, when fragrances were used to protect people from diseases, Valeur Absolue plays with 3 interesting aspects:

  • Aromachology
  • Mineral therapy
  • Neurocosmetics 

In each of Valeur Absolue fragrances, they use the best qualities of Essential oils, also they use minerals, precisely dosed and selected for their well-being properties. Final but not least, each fragrance contains Areaumat Perpetua, Immortelle extract, that simulates the production of beta-endorphins, a neurotransmitter by the keratinocytes. It generates naturally a well-being sensation by acting directly in the brain. To achieve these, Laure Alphandari from France Lab and Marie-Aude Bluche from Firmenich, joined forces to bring the best formulas to the brand.


The concept of “Plus que Parfum”

There is an idea that says that if you wear a fragrance, it should procures you more than just a nice scent. As you wear it directly on your skin, it should bring you more. That’s the concept of “Plus que Parfum”, More than a fragrance in french. So Valeur Absolue presents a Fragrance collection that is more than a perfume. Each formula is a concentrate of well-being without compromises. Please note that all perfumes are Phtalates and PCM free.

 Who is behind Valeur Absolue?

Bénédicte Foucart, the soul of Valeur Absolue


Behind the brand is Bénédicte Foucart, president and founder. Ex-Elisabeth Arden and ex-Firmenich, Ms Foucart has strong vision about what women want today. In deed, when you ask her what does she wants to accomplish with Valeur Absolue, she will answer you: “I wish to put a smile in every women’s face“. She has a great experience in the luxury area and her aim is to develop this brand worldwide, yet, without short-cutting every step. She gives attention to details and wishes to have a high qualitative approach. She is starting the sales in Switzerland at Bon Génie. She explained that Switzerland is a qualitative market and for her, this is a market test that will help her to create the positioning of Valeur Absolue. Le Bon Genie in Lausanne is one of the most elegant Department stores of Switzerland and it is clearly the place to be.


Let’s also highlight that Bénédicte Foucart also collaborated with Brazilian Graphic designer, Gustavo Piqueira. He is one of the most rewarded Graphic Designer in Brazil. He runs his agency in Sâo Paulo and London. He is the artist behind the Monogram of the brand and the packaging.


Valeur Absolue, The product range

The brand launched 3 fragrances this year. All under the same idea but translated into different facets or variants and emotions. We got the 3 creations, so that we could judge for ourselves on the magnificent quality of the products. Check it out.



Like flashes of joy and femininity, the collection of fragrances are like sunshine for the point o sales. Year by year perfumeries became a quite boring place and the aim of Valeur Absolue is to bring a burst of new energy to the store shelves. 3 variants are launched this year:

  • Harmonie
  • Sensualité
  • Joie-Eclat

Valeur Absolue HARMONIE


Valeur Absolue Harmonie has a soft aura. The fragrance is a beautiful play between the sparkling freshness of Bergamot and Neroli with the tender warmth of woody and ambery notes. I would highlight the quality of the Bergamot and the Jasmine in this formula. Other key ingredients:

  • Visible Amethyst crystals
  • Manganese and Potassium for balance and serenity
  • Areaumat Perpetua which stimulates the release of Beta-endorphins

Valeur Absolue JOIE-ECLAT




With Valeur Absolue Joie-Eclat, we have a more vibrant and dazzling fragrance. The top notes of Grapefruit contrasts with the elegant freshness of Cardamom. But the true power of this fragrance comes from the amazing Vetiver note that structures the formula. It’s been a while that no one brought to the market a good Vetiver. Other key ingredients:

  • Visible encapsulated Diamond powder
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Areaumat Perpetua which stimulates the release of Beta-endorphins

Valeur Absolue SENSUALITE




Valeur Absolue Sensualité is a celebration of the most beautiful flowers in perfumery: Jasmine and Rose. This super-feminine fragrance reveals a vibrant Sambac Jasmine dancing around her majesty the Rose de Mai. Other key ingredients:

  • Visible Mother-of-Pearl
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Areaumat Perpetua which stimulates the release of Beta-endorphins

Fragrances that you would love to wear


By looking to the entire collection of 3 fragrances, you definitely will be seduced. You want to have them all. The flacons are beautifully designed, the visible parts of Amethyst, Diamond Powder and Mother-of-Pearl are definitely original.


Next year the brand will launch 2 new variants, VITALITE and ZENITUDE. So it is a story that just has stated.


To discover more about this amazing brand, please connect to the official website:

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