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In a recent article called “Hyper-Luxury is the new Black” we could read that Hyper-Luxury represents products that are rare, exclusive, extremely high quality, often handmade and unapologetically expensive.
Here with the new Vertu mobile phone, we have the perfect product that is not to everyone. At a starting cost of $9’000, the new Signature Touch is on its own league.
We could also argue that this starting price is pretty cheap compared to the “Pure Jet Red Gold Edition” at $19’000.

Is it worth it? Definitely if you can afford it. The phones are hand-made in England. There is a clever slot that you have the hand signature of the craftsman who built your phone. It is definitely the ultimate Luxury brand. From a software point of view there is not much to say about it. The new Signature Touch runs Android Lollipop OS and has a Snapdragon 810 64-bit Octo-core processor. The real thing is more on the hardware side.

The screen is a 1080p with 448ppi which is more than the iPhone 6s! The phone has a tremendous 21 megapixel rear camera and can shoot 4k videos. The device comes with an internal memory of 64Gb but there is a slot for microSD so you can use several cards for your media. Last but not least, a lot of attention was put on the phone design. You can recognize a Vertu phone from miles away. From the ceramic insertion, to the leather parts and this amazing monobloc Sapphire crystal or event the PVD coated grade 5 titanium
Parts, your Vertu phone is definitely an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Vertu-new-signature-touch-luxury
You can see more about this outstanding phone by visiting the official website:

Hyper-luxury is a true segment that attracts several brands. Most of them believe this will differentiate affordable luxury brands to high-end ultra premium products and services. If more than a few can afford it, then it is not luxury. Or is it?

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