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Last year, Victorinox started a series of limited editions on the Alox range. Each year a new color will mark the passing years with a memory of their own. This year the Alox scales dresses up with a crispy Violet Orchid color. Every year, 3 pocket knives receive new colored scales:

  • The Classic Alox 58mm
  • The Cadet 84mm
  • The Pioneer 94mn


Each pocket knife will have the year engraved in the back, so you know which year belong each limited edition. While the traditional Swiss Army Knife has the Cellidor scales, the Alox family is about another story. The scales are made in aluminum oxide, generally called Alox. The alox scales are thinner and more resistant to chemicals and daily usage, than the cellidor scales.  However, the Alox forgoes the tweezers and toothpick that the traditional cellidor version includes. What Alox fans like as well on these scales is the work done on the aluminium. The Embossing brings a technical, modern and edgy look to the Swiss Army knife. Younger as well. This material has a high hardness and a very high melting point, compared to basic aluminum. The textured alox scales are still in production, but not as much as in the past. The newer alox models are using smooth alox.

Alox-2016-limited-edition-series-zoom Alox-2016-limited-edition-zoom

The first usage of Alox in a knife is not very clear but for sure the Soldier’s knife adopted the Alox s scales in 1961 for the first time. Since then Victorinox has true aficionados of the Alox and some of the fans prefer this variant than the regular one. Victorinox is definitely pleasing the fans with this annual limited edition.


The new limited edition comes in a practical yet elegant box that highlights the beauty of the product. It really gives the aim to collect them all!

Alox-2016-limited-edition-orchid-violet Alox-2016-limited-edition

It’s a new year, and that means there’s a beautiful new color for the Alox Limited Edition. But there’s more to these knives than just a gorgeous shade of orchid. The celebrated Alox scales have been upgraded with a process called Eloxal, which uses anodic oxidation to create an extra layer of protection against damage and corrosion. Available in three sizes, and only for 2016. If we focus on the pocket knives themselves, here are the technical specs:

Alox Classic Limited Edition 2016 58mm

  1. blade, small
  2. scissors
  3. nail file
  4. screwdriver 2.5 mm
  5. key ring


Alox Cadet Limited Edition 2016 84mm

  1. blade, large
  2. can opener
  3. screwdriver 3 mm
  4. bottle opener
  5. wire stripper
  1. screwdriver 5 mm
  2. nail file
  3. nail cleaner
  4. key ring


Alox Pioneer Limited Edition 2016 93mm

  1. blade, large
  2. reamer, punch
  3. can opener
  4. screwdriver 3 mm
  1. bottle opener
  2. wire stripper
  3. screwdriver 5 mm
  4. key ring


With this new limited edition, Victorinox explores the richness of its universe. Every year, Victorinox surprises us with a new interpretation of their classics, almost like if it was the first time we would discover the models. In the heart of a urban life or somewhere in the wildness, the Alox Limited Editions will seduce you by its look, functionality and design. The year just started so you still have time to buy at least one of these beauties.

José Amorim


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