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2017 is almost half way and Victorinox is delivering amazing new launches. This time we took a focus on a new great launch around the Spartan collection. It is called Victorinox Spartan PS. Delivered with black or white scales, the new Spartan has all stainless steel elements in black thanks to a process known as Polispectral. The result is super classy.



Victorinox Spartan, ultimate Icon of Design

From a construction point of view, we can easily identify the well known Victorinox Spartan. 13 functionalities for the perfect essential companion for any occasion. From the far end of a forest to the cosiness of a New York office, The Victorinox Spartan will never let you down on those moments you need the most.

  1. toothpick
  2. tweezers
  3. lanyard
  4. blade, large
  5. blade, small
  6. can opener
  7. screwdriver 3 mm
  8. bottle opener
  9. wire stripper
  10. screwdriver 6 mm
  11. reamer, punch and sewing awl
  12. corkscrew
  13. key ring

The story of the Victorinox Spartan probably started on June 12th 1897 with the official registration of the “Officer’s knife” by Victorinox. The company Founder Karl Elsener was a master with knives and the development of this registration opened up a complete new era of pocket knives. Without any doubt the special spring system made it possible for this new development. The Spartan 91mm today with red iconic handle scales and Victorinox emblem is the descendant of the 1897 knife. With Victorinox we have a very special evolution for the 91mm Swiss Army Knives. The Founder made Officers and Sportsmen knives and by 1909 he had several models with the inlay cross and shield……The inlay cross and shield can already be seen in the 1903 Founders catalogue. The combination of awl and knife blades make the Spartan a very versatile pocket knife. The corkscrew can be used for more than opening bottles. It can be used for opening knots as well. With a little imagination you can improvise several usages for it in a great deal of challenges or tasks ahead. You can read more about the Spartan story in the great review done by Trond Ole Mojlanen, just click here.

The new Victorinox Spartan Polispectral, black tie please!

With the new Victorinox Spartan PS, all stainless steel elements have a black color treatment, called Polispectral. The colour is produced by the interference of light on a colourless, transparent metallic oxide layer, whose thickness, together with the colour of the incident light, determine the color. By means of an electrochemical process, a layer of chromium oxide is deposited on the pocket knife tools. This layer is bonded organically and elastically to the stainless steel with a high cutting strength. One interesting aspect of this technology is the layer transparency, which makes it possible to obtain the so-called interference effect. Various color effects are deployed as a function of the thickness of the layer, the composition of the light spectrum and the perspective. The Spartan PS blades even reflect what’s around. The stainless steel surfaces thus treated do not alter, nor do they crack, bleach or chip. The coating is harmless to humans and the environment.


This effect is comparable with the colours of a film of oil on water or a film of paint on hot metal. The colours do not age or bleach with time. The oxide layers are highly resistant to chemicals, evenly bonded with the metal surface, and will neither crack nor flake off. The technology is quite well known in architecture, allowing to obtain amazing results in metal pieces. Jewelry brands also started using Polispectral as the resistance to time conditions is very good. By bringing this technology to the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox translates its sharp sense of design into innovation. The result is pretty amazing.

Victorinox-Spartan-PS-black-mood Victorinox-Spartan-PS-black-shadow Victorinox-Spartan-PS-black Victorinox-Spartan-PS-white-knife Victorinox-Spartan-PS-white-shadows Victorinox-Spartan-PS-white

Other details:

  • Net weight 58 g
  • Scale material ABS / Cellidor
  • Blade lockable No
  • One hand blade No

With this new addition to the Spartan family, Victorinox shows that even after 120 years, the Spartan represent endless possibilities and it deserves its title of ultimate icon of design. You can visit the brand website to get more information:

José Amorim

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