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When you have a nice bottle of wine, nothing more annoying than not having a perfect tool to open it. Fine wine deserves a tool that was created with perfection. That is why Victorinox launched this year the new Victorinox Wine Master – the trusted companion for professional sommeliers and amateur gourmets alike. Its viticultural credentials are world-class and do your fine wine the honor it deserves. Here is our unboxing with all details!

An extra-long corkscrew with five coils prevents cork breakage, plus a unique combination tool houses a two-step lever for uncorking and a bottle opener. The integrated pocket knife has a wavy-edged beak blade foil cutter and a large locking blade, ideal for cheese or your favorite culinary tidbits. Smart and seriously wine-savvy.When we opened the box, the striking detail was the beautiful genuine leather pouch in which the pocket tool is hosted. Such detail allows the perfect match of this tool with any occasion. No matter if you are back-packing in the mountains, in a wine-cellar or even in a fancy diner, the Victorinox Wine Master will fit perfectly. This new pocket tool has six main functions:

  1. Large Blade with security locker
  2. Long Corkscrew with 5 coils
  3. Foil Cutter small blade
  4. Two step Lever
  5. Bottle-Opener
  6. Key Ring

Victorinox-Wine-Master-unboxing Victorinox-Wine-Master

The Victorinox Wine Master was built on a base of a Ranger. We can see the shape of the overall tool and the large blade that is similar. Obviously the rest of the pocket tool was completely rethinked in order to fit the new usage. By launching the Wine Master, Victorinox gets into a very special moment of people’s lives. In deed, when you open a bottle of wine, generally you are about to share a nice warm moment with friends or family. It is almost a ceremony. You prepare the bottle, cut the metallic foil, pull the cork, let the wine breathe and then come the tasting. For this special moment, you wish to have the best tool possible that will never let you down. With the Victorinox Wine Master, this precious moment will always be a perfect time of sharing. You can also check the official video by Victorinox here with a more contextual illustration.

Victorinox stands for quality, functionality, design and innovation. It’s universe is endless and the possibilities will always allow the Swiss company to reinvent themselves and yet remain truthful to the spirit of the original Swiss Army Knife. You can check the company website for more details.

José Amorim

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