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With 453 stores in 16 different countries, Apple has successfully developed its retail strategy. An Apple store is not a normal store. It is a temple for the cutting edge of technology at its best. Temples for the Apple religion. Since the 50’s, technology became a new god and generations of people embraced this trend as if it was their own salvation. In order to bring an interesting angle on today’s technology environment, the multi-rewarded agency Fueled decided to bring its vision of all of this. They created a mock Apple Store in partnership with artist Evan Desmond Yee. The installation takes place in the heart of Fueled New York offices, in a space called Fueled Collective.


The Fueled Collective is a shared working space in Manhattan that’s home to over 30 of the most exciting startups in NYC. At the collective, we share a love of plush leather couches, impeccably designed conference rooms, year round ice cream, and ping pong tournaments…not to mention, amazing views of lower Manhattan and a killer snack bar! The exhibit is a commentary on startups and tech culture and, ironically, is inside a tech collective. Here is a video that explains more about this very original and creative space:

What is the idea behind this amazing display? By being in the heart of a true high-tech area, this mock of Apple store is an interesting look into technology and how we perceive it today. The post-modern era, followed by all the cyber-punk decades, let us an interesting heritage, When you take a different angle to view things and especially high-tech, you realize there is almost a funny side of it. By working with Evan Desmond Yee, Fueled offers to visitors the possibility to think about their own consumer habits and how technology has entered in our lives.

Credits: SoAM Studio
Credits: SoAM Studio
Credits: SoAM Studio
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Credits: SoAM Studio
Credits: SoAM Studio

Fueled is an award winning app design and development company based in NYC. You may have heard of the popular game QuizUp (they built the Android version) and they recently won a Webby for their Barneys app.

The exhibition is free to visit at Fueled Collective space until mid-September in New York. This is a very original exhibition, made with an interesting purpose. Even the website is built as a fake Apple Store. It is pretty much disturbing in a good way.


In the installation you can also discover “new” Apple products that do not really exist. You can discover #NoFilter: a pair of metal glasses based on Ray Bans glasses, allowing you to see the world at your own resolution :-). You can also find the kaleidoscope pendant: a “wearable” kaleidoscope tube for your iPhone camera. It allows you to take kaleidoscopical pictures. You will be amazed by the Nocuous rift: a virtual reality glasses, a play from the Oculus rift from Facebook. You will also smile at the iFlip: an iPhone case made into hourglass. The sand is replaced by real crushed up iPhone e-waste. Hilarious.

There is also a second room, more insightful perhaps, in which you can see several pieces and above all a physical monolithic presence. It reminds us all the ephemeral nature of consumer technology. The interest of this installation comes from the fact that technology is gently criticized by the ones who are doing it. It is a very healthy exercise to try to get a clear view on what we are doing and the way we behave.

Fueled New York
568, Broadway – 11th floor
New York NY10012

Today’s technology brought a big change into people’s behavior, not only at work but also in one’s daily life. This tricky Apple store reminds us as well that we should not take things too seriously and enjoy our lives the best way possible. Last but not least, it is an opportunity to create a discussion around technology. Basically it is a platform to exchange ideas and point of views. Isn’t that one of the great purposes of a collective?


Credits: SoAM Studio

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