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When the National Football League final arrives, the whole world vibrates. It is about the sport and the whole event, including the famous half-time show. While the NFL is trying to forget the hard last two years because of Covid, the 56th NFL Final broke the house thanks to amazing figures this year.

The Super Bowl has become the largest sporting event in the United States, with an estimated television audience of over 100 million. It is no wonder that this event is held every year in different cities across the country and always draws a bigger crowd than any other sporting event. However, it isn’t just about football, as there are parts of the game dedicated to entertainment for both teams and their families. These parts of the game include halftime performances, gala dinners with celebrities, and pick-up football games between players from both teams after a well-earned day off from hard work.

The original host cities for the Super Bowl were rotated between the AFL and NFL every year. The Super Bowl started in 1967 after the leagues merged, but some games earlier on were called “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” The first game in 1967 was held at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15, 1967. The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.

2022 NFL Super Bowl in 5 key numbers

The 56th Super Bowl got back on track concerning audiences with this new edition. It was a big hit for everybody: Sports and music fans, advertisers, organizers, and media owners. Here are five key numbers you want to know to understand the scale of this edition.

117 million people watched the final

The Super Bowl is back to the levels it used to be, meaning above the 100 million mark. This performance represents +21% compared to last year (source: CNBC). This means that 36 million households tuned in last Sunday to watch the game. An interesting fact is online viewership. It has been growing year on year, and in 2022, it reached 6.5 million people who watched the Super Bowl through digital live streaming.

USD 7 million for a 30s TVC

The cost for a 30s TVC exploded this year. It is a +30% inflation, going from USD 5.5 Million in 2021 and USD 5.25 Million in 2020 to USD 7 Million this year (source: Kantar). All ad spaces were sold almost instantaneously, representing revenue of USD 500 Million+ in just one day. A crypto-company, Coin Base, purchased a 60 seconds TCV, paying USD 14 million. Only a QR code was displayed on the screen offering five dollars for each person who would subscribe to their platform that day. Coin Base received more than 20 million hits on its website, which melted the servers.

47.8 Million video views on Youtube

The Pepsi Super Bowl LVI halftime show blasted this year with a set of founding rappers of the American scene. On the official NFL youtube channel, you can see that the show got 47.8 Million views, 1.7 Million likes, and more than 106’000 comments in less than three days following the event. Other officials and non-official partners have shared the show on youtube. According to the platform, the 2022 halftime show crossed the bar of 100 million views overall. An interesting fact is that many TV channels have acquired only the rights for the halftime show and not the whole event around the world.

70’000 People were inside the SOFI Stadium

This year, the NFL Superbowl gathered more than 70’000 people inside the magnificent SOFI Stadium. This ultra-modern stadium cost more than USD 5 Billion to build and has the biggest circular digital screen in the world – 110 meters. SOFI signed a 20 years deal so that the Stadium will have its name. According to officials, the deal was USD 600 million. If you wanted to be lucky enough to be present at the event, tickets prices were defined between USD5’000 and USD 60’000 for VIP seats. The average ticket price was USD 9’000 (versus USD 8’000 in 2021).

USD 7.8 Billion in bets

Online betting is a heavy trend now in sports. More than 30 million Americans have bet on the Super Bowl game, generating USD 7.8 Billion. It is more than the GDP of many countries around the world. Platforms get visibility during competitions and enjoy that their online platforms are simple to use and allow democratizing betting. The USA is the biggest country in the world for online betting.

The Super Bowl Half-Time Show: Titans!

The Pepsi Half-Time show became a planetarian beast that generates the majority of visibility worldwide. While the NFL finals, meaning the game itself, is majority broadcasted in the US and linear TV, the Pepsi Half-Time show is worldwide, on TV, Digital, Social Media, and I am not counting non-official content. According to the NFL, this year’s show cost more than USD 20 Million to produce. As a reminder, it was Jay-Z who produced the 2022 show. Apparently, Dr. DRE invested USD 7 Million from his pocket. Knowing he is net worth USD 500 million, I believe it is OK for him. As usual, let’s not forget that singers during the show do not receive any salary, but if they have their own music rights, they get a lot of money in terms of rights.

Also, one appearance in the Half-Time show can boost your career and even sales on their respective albums. For example, when Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl Half-Time show in 2018, the American artist saw his album sales increase by 534%. The specificity of this year’s show was the Dr. DRE “gang.” These amazing artists from 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Mary J. Blige, performed their planetarian songs, true RAP blockbusters. All these artists were launched by DR. DRE and initiated the RAP scene in the US. You can watch the full show here:

The NFL Super Bowl is an extraordinary cash machine and probably the biggest entertainment show of all. The 2022 edition was a tremendous success and brought back some of the pre-covid world that we all dream to see again.

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