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When a magnificent luxury house decides to launch a new bag, it is more than big news, it is probably the birth of a new icon. Chanel is launching a new bag called Gabrielle de Chanel. How much more iconic that could be? The new bag will be launched in April and will be supported by an advertising campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld in person. CHANEL-GABRIELLE-bag

What do we know so far? Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Kristen Stewart, Caroline de Maigret and Pharrell Williams, all Chanel’s ambassadors, along with Cara Delevingne, a friend of the luxury House, to embody Chanel’s GABRIELLE bag. These 4 amazing people have all strong connections to Chanel and to Karl Lagerfeld. Mr Lagerfeld wanted to have a personal approach for this project and everything needed to make sense. The Fashion Maestro put all his talent to make this launch a success. This bag was firstly presented at the Spring-Summer 2017 ready-to-wear show. The idea of this bag is to capitalize on the unique spirit of all Chanel’s bags. It is a story of aesthetic and practical spirit in the blend of strength and elegance.
As Chanel explains, this bag is like a mischievous wink to Gabrielle Chanel. Here is how the bag is described: Fitted on a rigid thermoformed base, the main body of the bag is extremely light and ultra-supple: this contrasting structure gives it perfect stability and makes finding belongings effortless. In tune with a continuing search for comfort advocated by the founder of the House, it hugs the silhouette, moving with the gait and never hindering it. Its adjustable strap comes with a double chain woven from leather and golden and silver metal. As we can read, Karl Lagerfeld brings a clear distinction to this bag in order to make it iconic from day one. We can find all different elements that we appreciate in Chanel’s aesthetics. Karl Lagerfeld made it also comfortable and practical in respect to the philosophy of Gabrielle Chanel. More to come on #TheCHANELGABRIELLEbag .

José Amorim

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