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The Sneaker Game

It has been a joy to watch the evolution of the sneaker game over the last years. Starting off with the iconic Lacoste trainers, buyers have seen new designs and bolder colors that come with a price. With the sheer variety in the market right now, it makes it difficult to decide which sneakers you should go for. Brands like Gucci have long shown off the sportier side of footwear, and other designers are choosing to join the party. Before you pull the trigger and decide on the pair of sneakers that fit your budget, read below our list of investment-worthy sneakers that will rock any of your outfits. 

The Game-Changer

1.       Golden Goose

This is a brand founded by husband and wife Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. With a shared passion for art and sneakers, they wanted to try creating their own. With fans in their midst, such as Virgil Abloh, Golden Goose prides itself in its position of newfound sneaker relevance. Their products are Italian-made sneakers, which means you don’t break them in as they are already broken in for you. People are always willing to fork out a lot of cash for items from designer jackets to heels, but why not sneakers? If you do decide to make that leap, consider Golden Goose.

2.       Balenciaga

Balenciaga is a name that keeps cropping up – whether in magazines, rap songs, or more. These sneakers have achieved their status by being worn by celebrities and also just because they look incredibly cool. Their crucial Triple S is one of the hottest pairs of sneakers to walk from the catwalks to the sidewalks.

3.       Visvim

The designer Hiroki Nakamura has made great-wearing, futuristic-looking footwear. Combining naturalism and modernism, they are sturdy sneaker shoes and are high-end reinterpretations of things you might have seen before. 

4.       Berluti

Berluti is a brand that is well known for its quality leather. They come in various colors, ranging from green, blue, red, brown, and black. Their unique quality is that they are all hand-painted, giving off an artisanal appearance that makes them impossible to replicate. They can square up with prominent designers because of their wearability and sophisticated demeanor. If you have the money to spend, these shoes are ones you don’t want to miss out on.

5.       Y-3

Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto collaborated with Adidas to create Y-3. It was making a change for forward-thinking shoes in the sportswear range. Many marketing buzzwords came out of this campaign, such as “goth ninja” and “athleisure,” because of their dark-looking nature. Yamamoto’s Qasa silhouette was a crucial component of Adidas’ fashion resurgence a few years ago, and he is now bringing his own style and perspective to all of Adidas’ footwear.

6.       Gucci

The Gucci shoe is hard to mistake for anything else in the market right now. It has its own quality, showing off Italian high fashion. With a plain white background, it pops its signature colors of red and green that fit perfectly around the brand name. The low-tops are a classic, but Gucci is now starting to release many different styles, including chunkier shoes.

7.       Christian Louboutin

Famous for their high heels, these red-soled shoes take on sneakers! They are made in Italy from full-grain calfskin but don’t have any visible branding. The inside of the shoe is made from leather, so you know as soon as you take your first step in these babies, it’ll be nothing but comfort.

8.       Prada

Prada’s sneakers can either be a total impulse around fashion design or look totally minimal. They look highly technical, and so good in construction. Whatever look you decide to go for, it will always make an interesting aesthetic choice.

9.       Alexander McQueen

These sneakers with bold-looking soles are Alexander McQueen shoes in a nutshell. An iconic shoe, unmistakable in the streets, the design is basic, with a solid white color at the base. It has minimal detail, and the little bits of color pop out when you’re walking. If you have the cash to spend, these are shoes you can incorporate into your everyday life while still looking fresh.

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