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Ali Mahdavi by Karl Lagerfeld
©Karl Lagerfeld

This month at Luxury Activist we decided to talk about the international photographer and artist Ali Mahdavi. He is probably one of the most talented photographers of his generation. He rewrote the lines of glamour in photography and definitely brought back from the dust of time, a new face for glam, for luxury and for allure. He has the astonishing way to dress his subjects with light and shadow.

Ali Mahdavi was born in Teheran but he currently lives and works in Paris, France. We could describe his work as obsessionally glamourous. He is passionate about women that have this exquisite blend of ultra femininity and a kind of powerful neurosis. He always succeed to catch those precious moments where things can slip into a borderline. His work is professional, clean, almost surgical by its precision and each detail counts, even the smallest.

Ali Mahdavi has chosen to be on the side of desire, motivated by the desire for glamorous transformations necessary to achieve perfection. His sophisticated approach to set design, gives rise to stunning portraits with the help of Dita VonTeese, and artists such as Kylie Minogue and Marilyn Manson. He has the sparkling fantasy of Pierre & Gilles with the timeless elegance of Harcourt studio. He is an accomplished talented artist who expresses himself through photography but also with Films, illustrations and shows.  He worked for Fashion houses like Thierry Mugler and his style grew in the past years and some of his photos are internationally known. His artistic work is divided in different types.

– Luxury advertisement for Brands like Cartier, Cointreau or Thierry Mugler.

– Fashion photo shootings for Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ or Harpers Baazar Japan

–  Celebrities photographs

– Films as Director

– Artistic Director

He made already exhibitions in different interesting places in Paris, London and Geneva. He does not hesitate to put himself on stage in some “auto-portraits”. Without any aim for easy provocation, he is much more interested by the mystery of transformation and the cutting-edge beauty he explores. At Luxury Activist, 2 photographers master the art of contemporary feminine glamour: Ellen Von Unwerth and Ali Mahadavi. Both have the audacity of their talent and the genius for photography.

Ali Mahdavi also collaborated several times with the famous parisian cabaret The Crazy Horse as Artistic Director. One of his last collaboration is called “Desirs”. Check the video here:

DESIRS – Crazy Horse Teasing from MAHDAVI Ali on Vimeo.

He also participated on the Dita Van Teese show at the Crazy Horse, check the “teese” video here:

TEES-ING – Crazy Horse Paris from MAHDAVI Ali on Vimeo.

Here are some of my preferred works from Mr Mahdavi.

ali mahdavi marilyn manson
Dita Von Teese by Ali Mahdavi
Ali Mahdavi for Thierry Mugler beauty

Thank you so much for bringing some sexy sparkles into this world. If you want to know more about him, please connect to his official website:


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