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Beachwear has a style all its own. You can wear next to nothing at the beach, and no one will look at you funny. However, put on a rain slicker and head down to the water on a sunny day, and you’re likely to get stares. So, when it comes to this list of the best beach outfits for summer 2022, you can expect more tried-and-true options and fewer fashions that are likely to make you the pariah of the beach. So, what should beach-goers wear this summer when they hit the sand?

Good options for beachwear should include items that provide plenty of protection from the sun while remaining light and airy. Good examples can consist of long skirts, button-ups, sun hats, sunglasses, rompers, sarongs, and swimsuits as just the beginning of excellent beach style.

Luxurious Long Skirts

A long skirt can offer coverage for those who want it while keeping things breezy. Long skirts can come in various styles and make the best options for the beach with light materials such as chambray, linen, rayon, and other blends that are perfect for summer. Feeling adventurous? Go for a bold animal print.

Some of the best long skirt outfits will also do a great job of protecting you from the sun’s harmful U/V rays. The total physical barrier that a skirt can provide isn’t easy to replicate by sunscreen alone. And while you might be tempted to go with a shorter skirt, doing so can make avoiding funky tan lines more difficult.

Beachy Button-Ups

If you’re only thinking of Hawaiian shirts when you think of button-ups at the beach, think again! No matter the color, print, or style, natural fibers like linen and cotton will keep you feeling and looking fantastic.

And button-ups can be so versatile. Even styling a basic denim shirt can give you more options than you might think. You can tuck a button-up into shorts for a strait-laced look or let it hang down over a skirt for a more casual outfit. You can tie the same shirt at the bottom to give it a slimming profile or leave it unbuttoned for a more airy, unbothered look. When it comes to styling beachy button-ups, the choice is yours.


Sun Safe Accessories

Spending time at the beach means significantly upping your possible sun exposure. To be on the safe side, keep covered as much as possible. This can be accomplished without sacrificing style by wearing oversized sunglasses and hats. Not only are big frames stylish, but they will provide more shade around your eyes. Protecting this sensitive spot of skin is essential—yet often overlooked. After all, you can’t slather your eyeballs in SPF.

And when it comes to beach umbrellas, bigger is always better. While not a piece of personal fashion, an umbrella can certainly make a statement when popped open on the beach. Just make sure you properly stake your umbrella down—they have been known to get caught in the wind. They can be very dangerous when this happens (even impaling some beachgoers).

Outrageous Rompers

A romper can be the perfect piece to complete a casual beach outfit—because it is the outfit! This staple can seamlessly transition from brunch to the beach to dinner on the patio when paired with a slip-on sandal. Rompers also make changing in or out of beachwear a breeze.

When it comes to styling a romper, you can never go wrong with a delicate floral print or geometric design. Materials will differ, but rayon, chambray, and linen rompers should all be adequate for beachwear. Put on a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and you have an entire beach look that can take just a minute to put together.

Summery Sarongs

A sarong might seem a bit cliché, but it’s a beach classic for a reason: adaptability. It is the ultimate beach coverup. One can be worn as a dress, a skirt, a shrug, or even used as a beach blanket. All of this combines to make a sarong a must-have for any beach trip. There are even sarongs that have substantial U/V protection built right in.

Sharp Swimsuits

The one item that is vital to any good beach outfit is undoubtedly a swimsuit. Even if you don’t plan on getting in the water, a cute suit is still a must-have for any day at the beach. All the classic options are still available as well. Choosing between a one-piece suit and a bikini is a matter of personal preference.

Worried about the sun? Consider wearing a swim shirt when out on the water. These shirts are especially popular with surfers. This is because swim shirts basically function as the top half of a wetsuit. The long-sleeved design protects against cuts and scrapes as well as sunshine.

This Summer, Wear What You Want to the Beach

Hopefully, some of the above outfit ideas will serve as inspiration for your own beach attire. Whatever you wear to the beach this summer, make sure it keeps you protected from the sun and feeling comfortable. After all, life is like a beach during the summer, and we should all do our best to enjoy it!

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