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When we say IT-GIRL, we are not talking about a girl working in an IT department. We are talking about a girl who definitely is driving the news. A girl who is stylish, beautiful, sexy and with an attitude. We could list a few but there is one that you need to know, she is Caroline Vreeland. She is more than a it-girl, she is a true artist and she is basically everywhere! At luxuryActivist, we are big fans and in this article we have the opportunity to review this fascinating phenomenon of it-Girls, socialites since 1904!


Did you say it-Girl?

There none a single week that we do not hear the word “it-Girl” in the press. From the Kardashians, to Kate Moss and other fashionable girls, there is always a press article mentioning that a it-Girl did something. Nowadays, there is a media power that goes along the it-Girl status. Some of them are even more powerful than any established media owner. Girls like Kylie and Kendall Jenner can launch new brands. Each one has 50 million followers on Instagram. Imagine the visibility they can give to a brand, a product or a place. It seems that one post from them is worth $350’000. Nevertheless, the denomination it-Girl is not new. It was quite used in 1920’s within London’s high society. Initially it has a literature origin back in 1904. Indeed, British novelist Rudyard Kipling wrote a short story in which you could read the following sentence:

“It isn’t beauty, so to speak, nor good talk necessarily. It’s just ‘It’.

This sentence completely set the trend and it was quite edgy to treat a girl as “itGirl”. The dimension of this denomination took its entire power when in 1927, the Paramount produced a movie called “It” starring Clara Bow and Elinor Glyn, two very trendy actresses at that time.


Fashion designers started using this word in their vocabulary and the myth of the it-Girl was created. We needed to wait until the 90’s to add an extra layer on its definition. William Donaldson wrote an interesting observation back in 1990. The modern concept of the it-Girl refers to a woman possessing a tremendous sex-appeal and who receives intense media coverage unrelated or disproportional to her personal life. Naturally, internet and especially social media has triggered this new wall of fame very rapidly. It is in a way, an amazing leverage for brands to create desire and aspiration.

Caroline Vreeland, a strong heritage and a true modernity.

The name Vreeland is not a trivial one and fits perfectly the kind of person that Caroline Vreeland is: outstanding. She is the Great-GrandDaughter of Diana Vreeland who worked for Harper’s Bazaar from 1937-1962, and as editor-in-chief at Vogue from 1963-1971. Diana Vreeland spent her time determining and influencing what fashionistas wore, read, drank — she was the epitome of style. The Vreeland’s family emigrated to the United States at the outbreak of World War I, and moved to 15 East 77th Street in New York, where they became prominent figures in society. The European heritage with the modernity of the US gives a great background for Caroline Vreeland.


But if you think that everything was handed to her on a silver plate you would be wrong to think that. Caroline Vreeland worked very hard her way to the top. From working in clubs to trying hard to push the doors of the music industry, all her success is due to her perseverance and will. For a while she got away from her heritage but with the years, she understood the chance she had to see fashion through the eyes of her Great-Grandmother. There is one thing that Caroline Vreeland got from her: a tremendous energy, a strong determination and a passion for everything she does.


Caroline Vreeland, a multi-talented artist, always on top of mind.

The first time we came across Caroline Vreeland it was thanks to her instagram account. She has 146’000 followers and amazing pictures. Picture after picture, we discover her life, from personal moments to professional projects, all photographed with very good taste and a sharp sense of fashion. Caroline Vreeland works with the best photographers, the best magazines and brands and her projects take her to the 5 continents. Something that she should be very proud of is the way she looks. Far away from clichés, Caroline Vreeland looks like a real woman, not those photoshopped babes that everybody knows they do not exist. When we look at her we see a lot of generosity, happiness and somehow she is desirable in the good way. Well done for all the girls dreaming to be someone like you,


Thanks to her Instagram account we can also discover short movies about her songs and some of her performances as a song writer and singer. From there you will be intrigued to listen to more music either on her soundcloud or youtube channel. Her sound goes from a R&B base to a contemporary POP style. Her voice is deep yet crystal clear. She puts a lot of emotions on her texts and interpretation. There is a slight nostalgia on her voice yet, she project us in a complete modernity. She is totally relevant and her style will cross the years without getting old.

To summarize, Caroline Vreeland is a real artist, that deserved all the success she has. She is always up to something and you better follow her closely if you want to know where exactly she is in this vast world. She is a top fashion model and an accomplish singer, song-writer. Her heritage is the foundation of her personality and she writes the letters of her future with hard work, dedication and passion.

Is Caroline Vreeland a it-Girl? Probably but you would miss an entire universe if you would see her only through the socialite aspect. Dare to go deeper and you will see a great artist.

José Amorim


Info sourced at, wikipedia,,, Harper’s Bazaar and W magazine. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. Images are for illustration purposes only.