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Discover Christpher Raeburn. He is british, fashion designer and with loads of talent. Some people consider his work as “Utility-Fashion”. He explains that he designs ethically-aware collections, by utilizing re-appropriated military fabrics. He creates garments that are functional, intelligent and meticulously crafted.



Christopher Raeburn was born in Kent, East Sussex in August 13th 1982. Since his younger days, his creative skills were developed as every week, he was encouraged to draw something and then, build it up with his father on weekends.

Christopher Raeburn bio



He graduates in 2006 from the prestigious London’s Royal College of Art. During 2 years he did some work as freelance until he set up his own studio in 2008. He got his first notoriety thanks to an exhibition called Camouflage at the Imperial War Museum. In deed Christopher Raeburn was chosen because of his natural passion for military fabrics and the camouflage pattern. After a presentation of his men’s collection in Paris early 2009, he showcased his women’s collection at the London fashion week the same year. And since then he developed his collection as well as collaborations with other brands. His style in quite unique and he is known for his ethical integrity of his work.
Not only the materials used mostly come from recycled military fabrics and accessories (like parachutes) but also all the production is designed and made in England. Today more and more brands are tempted to produce in China, Bangladesh, Tunisia, etc… Only a few still have the aim to keep production locally and Christopher Raeburn is one of them.


The designer creation universe is so rich and unique that he made some interesting collaborations with other brands. The first collaboration took place in 2010 for the Swiss company Victorinox. Christopher Raeburn’s collaboration with the Makers of the original Swiss Army Knife gave birth in 2011 to a capsule collection called Remade in Switzerland.


When visiting the Victorinox factory, Ræburn discovered the house where Karl Elsener, the founder of the brand, established his workshop in 1884 and created the Original Swiss Army Knife. Ræburn and the Victorinox team decided to set up a Swiss LAB on that very site for the production of the capsule collection.


Ræburn later sourced used sewing machines and equipment to furnish the Swiss LAB and invited local tailors and apprentices to work alongside his expert machinists to realize the final REMADE IN SWITZERLAND products. Here us a video about the capsule.


The first capsule collection was such a success that Victorinox requested a second capsule called Protected. Here the Camouflage pattern is highlighted. The British designer created the project to explore the role of clothing to protect one’s body from the elements as well as one’s responsibility to protect the environment. this collection was revealed last year for the 2013 Spring-Summer season.

Here a video about this collection, featuring an innovative time lapse, already explored in the previous capsule.

Christopher Raeburn continues his collaboration with the Swiss Brand as Artistic Director consultant for the Fashion division.



Interested in the outdoor theme and the relationship between men and the natural elements, it was also quite natural that Christopher Raeburn extended his work to a collaboration with the famous brand Moncler. The result is a collection called R. Moncler R arises from the meeting of Moncler and Christopher Ræburn. This collection forms part of the main line and is composed of twenty designs that mix military functionality, Moncler’s signature mood and the British designer’s characteristic sense of humor.

Moncler R by Christopher Raeburn

Moncler R is a total look collection that draws its colours from the archetypal outdoor military palette: olive green, khaki, white and black are lightened with contrasting hints of sky-blue. Unusual combinations of materials such as technical wools and closed-knit cotton fabrics bring an unexpected but functional cohesion to the collection.

All these collaborations do not block Christopher Raeburn own development as a Brand and he successfully presented his last 2 collections, the 2013 Spring-Summer and the Autumn-winter collections.


Spring – Summer 2013 – DEPLOY / FLIGHT

With this collection, Christopher Raeburn balances the style and the functionality of a piece of clothe. Outdoors or urban, modern landscapes bring us to find the equilibrium in Design. For the presentation of this collection, a very intriguing and edgy video was made. Some people would say that Owls are trendy right now, I tend to believe there is a much more symbolic and holistic signification.


Autumn – Winter 2013 – OPTICS

For the new incoming collection, Christopher Raeburn sourced his inspiration at Second World War and especially the navy outfits shapes and colours.






And here is the video of the fashion show

To learn more about the world of Christopher Raeburn, check his official website:

If you think you saw it all, that means you do not know Christopher Raeburn.



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