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Who already went to Paris and visit Citadium? If you did go to Paris and did not visit Citadium, is because you are not interested in StreetCulture. Because in deed, Citadium IS THE TEMPLE OF STREET in Paris.

The first store, or I should say Megastore, opened in 2000 under the creative vision of Printemps Department Sores. A parisian place that mixes the StreetStyle, Skate culture, Rock and sport attitude with a high pitched fashion taste. My friends would say: “this is dynamite honey”. The first store gathers more than 250 brands in a huge 20,000 square feet store! You need to see.

In time Citadium become one of the important references in fashion and life style with a huge street influence. Basically: “Be there or be square”.

10 years after the first opening, and in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary, Citadium revealed its new store concept and opened a cool place in the city center between Le Marais and the Halles.
A full teasing and buzz campaign was put in place in order to reveal the event. Check here the last video reavealing the new store address:

l’oeil mystère – révélation

So if you want to know everything about street style and you are in Paris, do not hesitate to go there. When Street style and fashion come together, Luxuryactivist likes it!
More information, check here: