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The Swiss blogosphere can count on amazing individuals ready to share their passion for fashion, travel, lifestyle and more. This month, at Luxuryactivist, we decided to honour Martina Faron. She is a fashion influencer, but actually, she is much more than that. She represents freedom of speech and a true passion for amazing brands. She also plays an interesting role in bringing fashion to women over 40, which is a great approach. She brings you a daily source of inspiration. Martina has a very expert taste and represents a positive force on social media. She is for sure an important influencer in Switzerland and Europe. She played the game of our exclusive interview.

LuxuryActivist (LA): Dear Martina, you were born in the Czech Republic and living for many years in Switzerland. What is different between these two cultures? Any similarities? 
Martina Faron (MF):
Czechs are more spontaneous but less organized than Swiss people. On the outside, Czechs seem more closed, but they are friendly and have excellent hospitality on the inside. On the other hand, the Swiss appear more open outside but are more emotionally controlled and cautious inside.
Both nations are very culturally oriented; the fundamental values of upbringing, social and societal attitudes are the same.

LA: You have a profound love for fashion. How your passion for fashion was born? What do you like in this industry more than in any other? 
I’ve always enjoyed fashion. My activity on Instagram received good feedback, and this motivated me to start my fashion blog. Fashion is a kind of non-verbal communication. Clothing can express who you are without words. It’s fascinating. It’s just a shame that many aren’t aware of it.

LA: As a blogger and an influencer, you have gathered a solid online community. Why do you think people are happy to follow you? 
I have an authentic clothing style that matches my personality and values. My style has a signature recognition value; those who live by the motto “less is more” and “quality for quantity” will find my realisations suitable.


LA: Your blogger identity was for a long time “Sequence Maeddi,” and then you decided to change for the name Martina Faron. Why this change?  
I wanted to make my blog look more professional. If you stand behind your own business with your name, it is always a good sign.

LA: You are one of the rarest influencers to still maintain a website/blog. Most influencers only have Instagram, Snapchat and now Tik-Tok. Why the website is essential for you?
My website is my property, something that third parties can never take away. Instagram accounts do not belong to us and can be deleted for various reasons that are not always understandable. It’s scary. Besides, it is my turn now to create an online product that can be accessed via my website.

LA: You have an exquisite and stylish presence, and you do not follow by default the “overtly sexy / soft-porn imagery that many girls embrace, especially in social media. What do you think about it? Why there are so many influencers “showing off” so much without a good reason? 
It’s an addiction to be in the spotlight and be admired. It has something to do with a lack of self-worth. This type of self-presentation is still understandable in young girls. As we get older, we should be aware that the outside world perceives us through clothing and what this can do.

LA: What advice would you give to a young person who wants to become a blogger and an influencer? 
Think about what you want to achieve with your activity – what is the reason, what are your goals? Presenting yourself without a purpose is boring in the long run, and it seems self-centred. Your activity should make sense. Decide on a niche and stay authentic. It is impossible to achieve anything if you do everything but nothing proper.


LA: Tell us something about yourself that not so many people know about, and it is worth mentioning?
That I have a 27-year-old son, that I can’t live without music, I especially like listening to rock music and that I like owls.

LA: Any interesting new projects in progress that you can tell us about? 
As I mentioned beforehand, I’m just about to create an online product. In the fashion sector, of course. The launch is planned for autumn.

LA: What can we wish you for in the future? 
Good health, positive mind, power and definitely more self-discipline

We wish all the best to Martina for her incoming project that we will for sure talk about it. You can follow Martina by clicking on the following links:

Instagram: @martinafaron
Pinterest: @sequence_maeddi

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