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Renting a luxury supercar is a cathartic experience. An exhilarating journey in a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce is, in many ways, a therapeutic release: the roar of the engine, the thrilling ride and the palpable union between man and machine purges the drivers of supercars. The driving experience is not just about the way of feeling, however; it is very much about the way of looking. A huge part of the allure of supercars is their spectacular design. It is understandable; therefore, that many drivers enjoy adorning their person with the latest, and most fashionable, accessories. This selection of supercar-inspired accessories will make you look the part, as well as feel the part, in your luxury supercar hire.

The Watch, £245

Ferrari has long been associated with fashion, not least because of its Italian roots, but because the sleek lines of the Ferrari models attract the discerning eyes of practiced fashionistas. So when you’re driving the magnificently designed Ferrari 458, you should dress in a fittingly stylish manner. Ferrari’s Scuderia watch is an apt accessory to channel the brand’s style. With such a ageless design, this chronograph only accentuates the majesty of the supercar.

The Holdall, £535

Another foreword in supercar fashion is British automaker Aston Martin. Strongly associated with James Bond and the British style that the persona evokes, the brand offers a clothing line to replicate the class of their vehicles in the style of the driver. This extra large leather holdall is hand crafted by Aston Martin, and exudes the same quality that driving a DBS Volante yields. Look chic, sophisticated and ready for business in a classic brand of supercar.

The Coat, £509

The LP560 Spider exemplifies the effortless sophistication of the Lamborghini brand. The model’s stunning design typifies the stylish aesthetic of the brand that has become so iconic. This style is characteristic of the brand’s clothing line too. From shirts and knitwear to jackets and beachwear Lamborghini offers an array of apparel that will complete your supercar’s image. Lamborghini’s timeless trench coat is our pick of the bunch.

The Sunglasses, €950

Bugatti offers an extensive range of clothing that is predicated on quality, style and design, making their apparel almost as fashionable as their magnificent cars. The incomparable Veyron necessitates a pair of sunglasses that are equally as spectacular. These Duotone EB sunglasses are every bit as stylish as you would expect from Bugatti. The Veyron offers over 1,000hp and can accelerate to 100km/h in under three seconds. Watch the scenery pass in a blur as you speed into the distance.

The Driving Gloves, £79.95

No driving experience is complete without luxury driving gloves. Land Rover offers brown Barbour driving gloves for £79.95 in all sizes. They complement style with functionality, looking great and increasing grip on the wheel. They would look best clinging to the wheel of the mighty Range Rover Vogue. You may well need them to control the 4.4 litre V8 model, which accelerates to 60 in just 6.5 seconds.


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