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This week, we tried to join the Fashion Police because we cannot support one important thing: The return of the Crop! Seriously, it is a NO GO. With a certain revival of the 80’s / 90’s right now, we could see it not only in the streets but also in the catwalks and red carpets. Help!

It took a long time for the crop top to materialize in the West, partly due to a colder climate and partly because of Western fashion history’s notoriously puritanical dress code. It was during the late 40’s that crops started appearing in some looks thanks to the influence of orientalism. Belly dancers were at that time an icon for fashion.


Following decades would be the golden age for the crop top. A toned body and sportswear were trendy in the 1980’s, and the crop was perfect for showcasing that. The “aerobic” look- a cropped sweater paired with a leotard or tank is classic 80’s. The style was a favourite of Madonna, who made it a part of her signature look. The crop top frequently graced the silver screen during that period- it was styled on many iconic film characters, including Baby from Dirty Dancing and Alex in Flashdance.


The years 2000 represented the end of the Crop but recently we saw a certain revival of it, especially thanks to Marion Cotillard at Cannes 2019. Marion Cotillard is a very beautiful and elegant woman but these crop looks are just not possible. It is what we call in French “Ringard”, meaning “old-fashioned” and bad taste. Also, do not hesitate to look at the shoes… so bad. Even if it is Chanel and Balmain, it does not mean it is fine.


For sure I prefer Marion Cotillard look from Cannes 2013 when she appeared in a magnificent white gown by Christian Dior for the unveiling of her new film, The Immigrant. Marion let her dress do all the talking in the style stakes for the red carpet event, keeping accessories and make-up to a minimum. This is truly chic.


José Amorim
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