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Sometimes certains confessions are easier than others. And when the Fashion Priest from is the confessor… the result is very “interesting”. Regularly, you can discover a different interview (or confession) from a fashion celebrity.┬áThis time check the fashion confession of Lydia Bright. Check the video here:

Lydia Bright is a TV star, revealed in the serie The Only Way is ESSEX. Fashionista and also known for her on-off romance with James Argent, Lydia Bright opened her first shop, Bella Sorella, in Brentwood…. Essex! She is one of the IT-Girls in the UK right now and the temperature gets high when it comes to confess to the Fashion Priest…



Lydia Bright
photo: Glamour UK

In her fashion confession you can read a very embarrassing moment in which her dress was just blow up by a helicopter rotor wind… sexy! She answered all the question in a very spontaneous way, so you can learn more about her dazzling personality.

Heaven or Hell? Check the video to know!



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