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Wearing fur is nowadays a very sulfurous topic to talk about. Animal rights defenders will make you feel guilty to buy a fur coat as you might not have thought about the animal suffering that goes with the coat manufacturing. Well, a fur coat is made… of fur, meaning animal skin. Nevertheless, if you like the cosy, warm and stylish look of a fur coat, you need to discover FUZZ. A Swiss company designing their non-fur coats in Geneva and produce them in Paris. It is all false fur and they work very hard to give you the impression that it is as good as a true fur coat. Yet, it is all ethical as there is no animal involved. So FUZZ (and not Fur) will definitely conquer your heart of winter lover.


While Fur consumption has increased since 2008, many names in the fashion industry as well in politics have engaged themselves against animal suffering. We could talk about PeTa, the activist association to preserve animals from any suffering. Founded by Nadja Axarlis, this new start-up not only abandons fur, but also unnecessary journeys, knowing that fair production is at the heart of concerns. For this reason, the articles are made in a small Parisian workshop specialized in faux fur for more than 30 years. All other components, such as packaging, come from Europe.

We believe that faux fur is an essential material today. Our items are as timeless and glamorous as genuine fur coats. We offer customers an elegant alternative and give the faux fur a new image” – Nadja Axarlis, Fuzz founder

Who is Fuzz?

The brand FUZZ is created in 2016 by Nadja Axarlis. Nadja Axarlis works first as a buyer for the famous Swiss department store Bongenie Grieder, which is why she knows the needs of modern customers. Like Nadja Axarlis, many of her friends wanted to take advantage of the fur assets, but they gave it up for ethical reasons. The mission of Nadja Axarlis is then clear; FUZZ had just been born. Quality, good conscience and fair production are at the heart of the concerns. The first collection is therefore in production and includes jackets, coats and waistcoats both trendy and timeless. They are made in Paris, the capital of fashion.


Fuzz is definitely the perfect answer to today’s luxury consumer who feels concerned about the purchasing decisions they make. The luxury industry has tremendous footprint in the world. By working with the best talents, the best materials and with customers all around the world, transportation and material origin play a significant role in our planet conditions. By operating in Europe and by working high-qualitative synthetic fur, Fuzz delivers a fantastic added-value in terms of products without compromising the level of expectation of its customers.

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Fuzz is coming to the market for the first time this year. The first collection is currently in production and should hit the point of sales by Autumn. It includes coats, jackets and vests, all with sophisticated properties. By using high-quality faux-fur, all items have a calorific value of only 5% less than the real fur. The new collection presents inspirations of Mongolian fox, mink or goat. The pockets are lined with a velvet material to keep your hands warm. The collection is available in a variety of natural colors and includes sporty coats with XXL hoods and sleek vests. The price of the items oscillates in a range of approx. CHF600 to CHF1’200. The label has already conquered renowned boutiques in Europe (Switzerland, Geneva) and the United States. In addition, the articles will also be available online from September 2017. In Switzerland, the opening of a few Pop Up Stores in the fall is also on the program.

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If you wish to learn more about this new brand, please do not hesitate to connect to the official website:

This fall, faux-fur will never be so glamorous thanks to Fuzz. You will also feel that winter will be softer and warmer.

José Amorim

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