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Hermès always make us dream inside their advertising campaigns. Some of them are between a Art photo and a Film. This Fall, Hermès proposes its darkness Tale… Between a Conan Doyle, modernized Sherlock Holmes and a Clean Tim Burton… While some spend their nights dreaming of Twilight the movie… I dream of Dark Hermès…

The new campaign was done by the italian famous photograph Paolo Roversi. He is nowadays one of the most influent fashion photographers. He worked with the greatests (Helmut Newton, Peter Knapp, Guy Bourdin or Laurence Sackman. Mr Roversi had the inspirational universe of Baroque Victorian glamour that brought to the Hermès campaign this glam dark side.

He photographed all top models around the world and today he works for all Fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire… Here some of my prefered photos of Paolo Roversi. Some of them are very well known and even used by lots of brands too.

But, back to Hermès. Here the famous italian photograph displays all his talent on the silhouette of feminine top model Constance Jablonski. She is a young french 20 years old model but she already seduced all the greatest creators. From
Moschino, to Cesare Paciotti, Dries Van Noten or even Diane Von Furstenberg. She was the face for Estée Lauder last year. During the 2010 Spring/Summer season fashion weeks, she blew the record of 70 different catwalks for one season! She is THE face right now. Here are some other photos of the Hermès Campaign that I love the most. This is a fantastic timeless tale. From QueenVictoria londonian souvenirs to today’s streets… We could write a thousand stories about it. And you?