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Ok, we know how difficult is to fight against the fake luxury products around the world. It even seems that there is more fake LV bags in the world than real true ones… can you imagine that?
Here an image found on about fakes… and this one is really what I could call a good fake…
fake chanel

The big problem is not really the person who is buying a fake and knowing it. The problem are people of good will that think they are doing a good deal for a “real one” and then they are disappointed with the quality, the usage or the product life cycle. They will not say this reseller sucks, but more like this brand sucks… Of course when you buy a copy, you are also steeling the artistic rights from the true creator, but how make people realize that in a world where getting an illegal copy of a DVD movie or a small mp3 music in the web seems not to be a big deal… People sometimes do not see that the price of a luxury bag or watch or jewel represent the time, talent and quality material invested to create the object. Of course sometimes we might wonder if we are paying the product or the marketing around… but that is another question.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition calculate that counterfeit sales equal $600 billion to $650 billion a year  in the world. these numbers are equal in news releases by companies claiming to fight piracy. Counterfeit goods represent 5% to 7% of all world trade.

A luxury brand selling its goods at a high level of price can easily justify prices just by explaining the incredible process to manufacture it. Ask Hermès why a crocodile coat costs a 6 digits price… or ask Bugatti why a Veyron car is so expensive… they are real masterpieces… only made possible at that level of price… Otherwise it would be just beautiful dreams and nothing more… so How much would you be ready to pay for a Dream to come true…