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The Luxury Department store Jelmoli welcomes Karl Lagerfeld in a edgy 20m2 store in store. From March 20th, you will be able to dive into the amazing world of one of the most incredible fashion designers of all.


Jelmoli once again defines itself as the true house of luxury shopping. They always select the best of the best and most of the time you will find brands that you can only find at Jelmoli in Switzerland. Their work in terms of exclusivity and trendiness pays as many customers became loyal as they know they will always find the best. Jelmoli is definitely the fashion address in Switzerland.


With this store in store, you will be able to shop all the must haves of the brand and keep updated on the latest collections. Jelmoli “eye” will definitely partner with Karl Lagerfeld to bring you all the icons of the season, so that you will look edgy.

Karl-Lagerfeld-new-collection Karl-Lagerfeld-accessories Karl-Lagerfeld-fashion

Until March, you might feel like “not willing to wait until then!”. So it is not a problem as Jelmoli will present already chosen pieces from February 20th. And this is quite good news.

Do not hesitate to check the Department Store website here for more information and more fashion news in Switzerland:


Suddenly Switzerland got trendier.

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