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JM Weston opens a new brand store in Paris at 46 Rue des Archives. Located right in the heart of Le Marais, renowned district for its history, but also for its wind of creation and freedom that blows since ever. With its clean lines, this new address expresses the essence of J.M. Weston’s collections with a wink to workshops by paying tribute to the unique know-how of the craftsmen of the French luxury house in a voluntarily contemporary decor.

The brand describes this new address as an elegant and raw boutique, with walls in stones, exposed beams, wooden tables with slender lines to remind those of the factory. A singular and timeless universe which translates a desire of authenticity and modernity, faithful to JM Weston values: fiercely free, totally French and impeccably impertinent!

Rue des Archives, the soul of Le Marais


The interesting fact about Rue des Archives is its location as it sits at the heart of Le Marais. This district is an historical one. Le Marais is a French word for “Swamp” and in deed it used to be a peripheral swamp area from Paris where religious orders used to live since the 12th century. The area developed quite fast and from the 17th century, all the French aristocracy invested the area with their private residences (hôtels particuliers). By the end of the 18th century, the French revolution banish all aristocracy from Le Marais. Artisans, merchants, artists and poets installed their businesses and homes in the area which give a lot of dynamism. Le Marais is a true witness of French history. Several amazing people lived and still live in Le Marais. From Marquise de Sevigné, Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac to more recently Lenny Kravitz and Emma Watson. They all enjoyed and enjoy the special ambiance of this Parisian area. JM Weston decided to have its new store at the heart of this area because it fits the philosophy and the spirit of the French luxury house. It is a celebration of craftsmanship, talent, heritage and contemporary living. The rue des Archives is a crystallization of all these. 900m long, the rue des Archives was built in 1874 after the connection of several streets. This allowed the installation of national archives in Palais Soubise.

Today the rue des Archives represents a true pulse of Le Marais heart. JM Weston has carefully chosen this new address in the spirit of the luxury house.


JM Weston at the 46, rue des Archives, the new elegant place in Paris.

Each JM Weston shop is unique, not only in the crafted addresses that they are located but also in the interior design. Managed by Michel Perry, the artistic director of the house, the idea is to highlight all “traits de caractère” of the area in which the store is located. With the rue des Archives store, JM Weston celebrates the historical context of the place. The importance of the artisans  in Le Marais, the “hotel particulier” spirit and also a certain “raw” aspect of things that can also echo to the spirit of the JM Weston Manufacture. The great classics are injected with the freshness of a rather nonchalant rock ‘n’ roll aristocracy, rich and raw materials rub shoulders, calfskin suede goes hand in hand with box leather, cashmere is found alongside denim, and the medallion wing-tip derby echoes the loafer: it is all a question of balance. Decipher codes, confuse the issue with precision and lightness ; this is the art of the French style. Master the opposites, new associations, different eras. Inspire spirit and charm to a classic style with rigour and idealism, realism and impertinence. The iconic loafer reflects this subtle combination which is used by Michel Perry, Artistic Director, for its creations.




Sometimes we say it is difficult to be a prophet on his own land. After relaunching stores abroad, like in Geneva, JM Weston is taking care of his city of the heart. The first step was to revamp the iconic address of the Madeleine and now this new opening is a true statement of parisianism and timeless elegance. This new store will have a strong appeal to a local clientele as well as to tourists visiting the historical part of Paris.


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As Michel Perry would say: “We never change history, we just re-write it…”

José Amorim


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