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The Lady Dior Saga continues, this time in shanghai.

Let’s remember. The first chapter was Lady in Black. The action took place in Paris (Where else?!) and we discovered a beautiful Marion Cotillard under the eye of Olivier Dahan. These two worked together in the movie The Mome, the life of Edith Piaf. A very challenging advertising where we can admire Miss Cotillard on the top of the Eifell Tour in Paris. Not only a beautiful bag but also wonderful legs…
Lady Dior in Black

After chapter one, Lady Dior travelled to somewhere in the USA. Marion left Olivier Dahan for the EYE of Rolling stones magazine, Annie Leibovitz. This american photograph is known for her portraits of celebrity people (John Lennon, Bill Gates, Barack Obama…). In the Printed ad we can definitely recognize Ms Leibovitz touch in a rock opera ambiance.
Lady Dior in Red

In the TV advertising, we have the astonishing pleasure to hear Marion Cotillard singing “The Eyes of Mars” with the worldwide known Rock band Frantz Ferdinand. Rocky as I love. Here the video:

Third Chapter of the Saga The Lady Dior Affair, Marion takes the plane to China. Let’s welcome Lady Dior in Blue Shanghai.
Lady Dior in Blue
John Galliano himself with the help of Steven Klein and Julien d’Ys. Steven Klein is a photographer and image maker. He worked with different fashion names like Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein or D&G. But his notoriety came for his collaboration with Madonna in different exhibitions and shows. Today he brings his EYE to John Galliano. And the 3rd mousquetaire is a good friend of Galliano, Julien d’Ys. He is a french Hair dresser and photographer. Considered as one of the most influent Hair masters nowadays, he redically changed the heads of top models in Catwalks. He worked a lot with Galliano during different projects and today he brings his experience and a hint of sexyness to Miss Cotillard hair. What a team!
The only question I have (definetily I do not have so much as these works are just artistically sublime) is why John Galliano is wearing an Adidas Y-3 cap in the making off??? Couldn’t he wear something else. During all the making off video I got obsessed by this detail. It might be a “friendly” hand to Yohji Yamamoto career? Well, for Galliano fans, here is the picture:
Why Galianno has an Adidas Y3 cap

So, Mister Galliano, any thoughts ?