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Looking good is important. You want people to notice you and admire your choice of outfit, but unless you can afford to pay designer prices, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. High street fashion is great, but there are always thousands of people wearing the same outfit and putting together an original outfit is hard to do. Luckily there are ways to look like you were born a fashionista without spending a fortune – and here’s how.

Adapt an Existing Outfit

Since you probably have a pile of outfits that for one reason or another you never wear, you should have no qualms about altering them. There are lots of things you can do with clothes you no longer wear. Plain fabrics can be dyed; accessories can be added. Alter sleeves or turn a pair of trousers into shorts. It takes skill to do this, but these skills can easily be learned if you follow online tutorials or sign up for a tailoring class.

Be a Bargain Bin Queen

One woman’s cast-offs are another woman’s dream garments. It’s amazing what you can find if you check out local second-hand shops. In some towns, the second-hand and charity shops are awash with designer outfits and last season’s cast offs. They might be ‘so last season’ to the original owners, but you can give them a whole new lease of life.

Make Your Own Outfits

It is not so difficult to make your own outfits if you have a flair for being creative. There are lots of Simplicity New Look patterns to choose from, or you can have a go at making your own patterns. The great thing about making your own garments is that nobody else will be wearing the same outfit. You can be 100% original, all of the time, which is perfect if you dream of being a cutting-edge fashionista.

Dare to be Different

The thing about fashionistas is that they don’t follow the herd. Check out any online magazine and you will soon notice that fashionistas dare to be different. The latest catwalk trends are not always for them, although they do like to pick and choose key garments from this season’s top trends. Instead, they mix and match their outfits according to their own individual style.

The Art of Accessorising

Accessorising is important if you want to look different. Use belts, hats, scarves, jewellery, and anything else you have available to customise an otherwise boring outfit. It is amazing what a difference a few well-chosen accessories can make to an outfit.

Blog about Your Fashion Experiments

It is fun to blog about your fashionista experiences. Show off your creations and tell your audience about where you get your inspiration from. In time, you could potentially build up quite a following, which may even score you tickets to major fashion events.

Why dress like everyone else when you can do your own thing? Creating outfits and accessorising cool garments is fun, so enjoy yourself and learn how to be a fashionista.



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