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Many art and ideologist trends influenced the fashion scene for several years. Some of them have eternal come-backs, as if they were part of our social style foundation. And in 2013, Punk has never been so alive in the cultural and fashion trends.


What is Punk ?

Punk is considered as a sub–culture that gathers many references on the following topics:

  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Ideologies
  • Visual Art
  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Film

Overal it promotes the idea of individual freedom. Nobody really knows where and when exactly Punk was born. According to the records, Punk culture emerged in different countries at the same time somewhere in the mid-70’s. USA, UK and Australia were the 3 main countries.

It is amazing to see how influential this sub-culture was and still is. By the end of the 70’s, the movement was split in many other trends: From New Wave, to Pop-Punk, Hardcore-Punk towards alternative Rock, or several Indie Music. From an ideological point of view, the Punk movement was completely with no-politics. After some years, many political trends were developed from extreme left wings (Anarchists) to the other right extreme (neo-nazis). But in this case, we need to differentiate each one of them as they are not necessary the definition of Punk. So Punk is an amazing movement with a strong self.expression topic. The mid-70’s was also the arrival of a full generation of Fashion Designers, like Vivienne Westwood,  completely influenced by Punk that marked the fashion landscape until today.

Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren – mid-70’s

Dr. Martens, from German housewives in the 50’s to a fashion icon in the 80’s.


One of the biggest icons of the Punk culture are the unavoidable Dr. Martens shoes. From the underground scene to the edgy fashionable shows, the Dr Martens shoes are a transgenerational symbol of youth, freedom and fashion.


At the beginning, this shoes were created almost for medical reasons as the soft leather and the air-padded soles would bring an extra comfort. By being adopted by the working class in England beginning of the 60’s. The first model was called style 1460 and became a symbol of this social class.





When the Punk culture started in the mid-70’s, most of the followers were from the working class and they adopted naturally the Dr Martens shoes that became a real symbol afterwords. Remember that time? No? Check this then:

A couple of generations later, Dr Martens is still a fashionable brand. In 2013, the MET in New york declared that it is the year of Punk, so all brands are keeping this alive.


Even Bonpoint, that in honour of the Met exhibition Caos to Couture, worked with Dr Martens to bring a Children-Punk line. 2 models were developed, one in Black leather and another one Pink Cherish. Both keep the famous yellow stitches.

If we have a close look on many different brands and industries, Punk is everywhere this year.

 Punk in 2013

CULTURE – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Caos to Couture - Met

Madonna at the MET Gala
Miley Cyrus at the MET Gala

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is dedicating this summer an exhibition about the Punk culture and its influences in fashion. Chaos in Couture is the name and gathers a great retrospective on Punk. As you can see in the pictures above, the annual Gala got completely influenced by the theme.

Music – from Hardcore Punk to Pop-Punk revival

In 2013, Punk is everywhere in music. Different styles and the same inspiring motivation, a certain freedom in the attitude. Here are 3 main groups completely influenced by Punk.

Middle Finger Salute

They are a young Punk Rock band from UK. They do several festivals in the UK and already launched 2 EP’s self-financed.

Killer Mike

Michael Render a.k.a. Killer Mike is an American rapper. After several contributions with OutKast, he is making his way. His universe is very original as he blends Punk influences and Black American rap.

Warm Soda

This group is also getting involved in many festivals, and reaches a certain success as their acid pop delivers a punk attitude. Their clips also fights the “establishment” and are quite original.

Literature – Meet Diablo Cody


This writer is called Diablo Cody. Of course it is the nickname of Brook Busey Maurio. American writer that completely reflects the Punk attitude into literature. In 2007, she writes the screenplay of Juno. A big movie hit about the story of a teenage-girl who get pregnant and decides to get the baby. The movie was forbidden in many places around the world by fear of becoming a “cool trend”. In 2013, she will be launching her first film called Paradize. It is the story of a woman who decides to abandon religion. So as you can see here, Diablo Cody makes several parallels with a certain criticism of society. Family and Religion are some of the topics that she likes to write about and she is definitely today in the front seat of the Punk literature influence.

Luxury market – Is provocation a golden rule?

The list would be very long to quote, but from Luxury Jewellery towards watches or even contemporary Art, Punk has been one of the most influencial culture of all, together with Pop Art (which could also be considered a sort of Punk).

ArtyA - son of a Gun
ArtyA – Son of a Gun.
Hublot Skull Bang
Juliette has a Gun
Juliette has a Gun – Perfume Brand

Black XS Fragrances by Paco Rabanne

Damien Hirst’s Skull

So we see that punk is back. At the same time we also have the feeling that it never left in a way. So forget about the establishment and just express your individual freedom…. mate!



Info sourced at the brands and artists official websites, wikipedia, Jules fashion website, pauadreams. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available