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When hearing about a career in fashion, many people immediately think about designers. Although it is a high-level and widely desired position, the industry has much more to offer; from demanding fashion model jobs to illustrators, merchandisers, and textile designers.

Together with experts from job aggregator Jooble, we’ve gathered the best jobs in fashion based on salary reports, prospects, and job postings. 

The best Jobs in the Fashion Industry


This is a very creative career that offers several employment options. One can work as a fashion stylist in a magazine and prepare looks for photoshoots or advertising videos. Also, a stylist can be employed in a high-end luxury brand shop to help clients with their style. And individuals can also become personal stylists to work directly with their clients. 

It requires an artistic vision, great knowledge of trends, color theory, and excellent communication skills. But it is incredibly rewarding and offers amazing professional development prospects. 

Fashion Designer

Designers are at the top of the industry. No wonder it is quite hard to achieve it. But with a unique approach and a lot of effort, one can become a trendsetter. Designers are creative geniuses working for high-end brands. Many start to work for others and then develop their brand. For example, Tom Ford used to create marvelous collections for Gucci before starting his own company. 


If you are interested in the business side of the industry, merchandising might be just for you. A merchandising manager works with the buying team on supplying stores with products. It is important to analyze and forecast sales and promotions. Based on that, a professional decides on what products and qualities to supply stores with and when. 

Managers also work with customer data and market research. It helps them to choose vendors to work with. Also, it is essential to know what brand or products to buy for the store chain.

Retail Buyer

These specialists are employed by retail or department stores. Their goal is to select products and brands for retailers. Retail buyers need to know all the trends, popular brands, and market data. 

They can go to fashion shows or partner directly with designers. Among responsibilities might also be contract negotiation with suppliers. As a result, they decide what is going to be in retail next season. 

Fashion Journalist

This career combines several opportunities in one. It includes fashion writers, photojournalists, editors, and editors-in-chief, and it’s a perfect job for people passionate about writing and fashion at the same time. 

One can work for a printed or online magazine, start their blog, or be a freelance columnist. Journalists visit all the major events, shows, and conduct interviews with industry leaders. 

Garment Technologist

It is probably the least popular career from this list, yet it is extremely exciting. Garment technologists work on creating new and innovative materials and textiles. This occupation lies between science and art. One can improve existing techniques, textiles, or come up with something completely new. 


Textile Designer/ Pattern Maker

If you ever wondered where the patterns on the textiles come from, it is the job of textile designers. There are people behind every ornament on the clothing, pillowcase, or sofa. 

They create patterns for various materials for clothing and interior design as well. It is a fulfilling and creative career where one can truly bring their unique ideas to life. 

Such experts often collaborate with designers on original ornaments. They also ensure minimum fabric waste for each project, so it’s quite a demanding position. 

Summing Up

Fashion is a perfect industry for people with an artistic vision and passion for expression. It has various sides to it, from modeling to writing, or forecasting sales. And a lot of the careers have interdisciplinary nature, which is quite thrilling. They offer not only rewarding salaries but constant professional development and growth. 

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