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While fashion trends pass by and might never come back, icons are forever. In masculine elegance and refinement one of the ultimate icons is the JM Weston Loafer N.180. Created by the French luxury house after the Second World War, around 1946, it entered naturally in any gentlemen wardrobe. We needed to wait until the 60’s to see the jM Weston Moccasin to become the symbol of its time and the icon of a generation.

1960’s, the Drugstore band: rebels with Penny loafers

The 60’s were interesting times. Europe was finally free from the war trauma and what was supposed to be rebuilt was rebuilt. The young generations in the working class in London became opinion leaders for Fashion, music and culture. We call them Mods’ for Modern. France is not left aside. The 60’s see the arrival of the Drugstore band in Paris. These young people are wealthy, from good families, bourgeoise and Aristocratic, Western-Parisian and completely in rejection of their parents habits.

They use fashion from Renoma, pick up one thing or another at their parents clothes and young men wear JM Weston Penny Loafers without socks. They used to hang-out at the Champs Elysées Publicis Drugstore. Fashion, music, arts and parties were part of this culture. We used to call them “Minets”, french translation for “young cats” in reference of their young age. They were young, they had money and above all: they had the attitude of opinion leaders, setting the trends. By revisiting clothes, shoes and accessories, they brought a new excitement to the classics.

The JM Weston Moccasin 180 became the symbol of a new modernism, associated to the trendsetters and because of this exciting period of history, gave the iconic shoe the wings of timeless modernity that never goes out of style. Did you know why we call it Penny Loafers? It is a very simple yet interesting fact. On the leather Buckle in front of the shoe, there was a little space in which you could insert a little coin, a penny (a real one).

Many Minets from the Drugstore band would wear their loafers with the shinning little coin. Several explanations for that. Some people would say they would simply customize their shoes in order to look different, others would say that with a penny you could do a phone call in case of need. In any case it was definitely a fashion detail. 
Since the 60’s, the JM Weston Moccasin 180 evolved but kept the essential look of a certain decontracted elegance.

Moccasin 180, the JM Weston spirit


Generations of Men decided to add the JM Weston Mocassin 180 to their garde-robes as a statement of elegance and contemporary style. From Presidents, to Super star artists, business men, yachting or just for the pleasure of a weekend, the Mocassin will always be there for you. It will be the final touch of a Men’s look.
Today, different models, different looks and different materials represent the full collection. At JM Weston, each model is made at their Manufacture in Limoges, France.
JM Weston Tannery and Manufacture
They also have their own Tannery, so they control the entire process from the choice of leathers to the commercialization. Michel Perry is the Creative and Artistic Director of the Brand and he masters every year the art of surprising us with new, yet consistent collections and models.
JM Weston style

JM Weston Mocassin style

JM Weston Loafers style

Loafers 180 JM Weston
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JM Weston look
When it comes to style, French savoir-faire has something more than what you see. It is simply a matter of attitude. And on this field, JM Weston has a lot of attitude.


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