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The United Kingdom is a gold mine in terms of fashion talents. From the prestigious Saint Martin School to the street pop creativity, the UK reveals each year several new fashion talents, some of them will definitely shape the future of the fashion business. Here is our top 6 UK fashion brands to watch in 2018.

Martine Rose, from experimental to men’s elegance

Founded in 2007, Martine Rose background comes from Men’s shirts. Her artistic exploration drives us towards exploration of individualism and yet belonging to a cultural group (for the reference). Martine Rose will choose amazing icons from the past in order to provide them with a contemporary context. Obviously the work of the fashion artist is to take those icons and offer them a new context that might be a quite subversive approach, questioning the former functionality or past popularity of certain aesthetics through their re-appropriation today.



Have a look into the brand website and explore more about Martine Rose. You will be surprised:

 Self-Portrait, in the heritage of an Alexander McQueen

Malaysian born Fashion Designer Hon Chang, is a former student at Central Saint Martins. After being in the fashion industry for over a decade, he founded Self-Portrait. We tend to consider this brand as an affordable red carpet style. The name Self-Portrait came from Hon Chang art studies as being one of the main pieces in art. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart or Reese Whitherspoon have brought the brand to the spotlights which helped its popularity. When you look to the style, Self-Portrait inherits from Alexander McQueen design. Hon Chang declared that the deceased British couturier is a strong inspiration for him.



You can visit the brand official website here and discover more about the collections and accessories.

RIXO London, the very best of the 70’s… in the years 2000.

Two people are behind RIXO London: Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey. They both share one common passion about vintage clothes. Their preferred period: The 70’s in the UK. With a lot of passion and talent they re-work all vintage designs with a modern edge. The entire collection present important details such as high-quality fabrics and even original hand-painted prints. RIXO offers refreshing and beautiful pieces that work independently and in combination, surpassing trends, in favour of creating current but timeless garments. RIXO clothing has that one off feel about it, with nothing mass-produced.




To see more from RIXO, please connect to the official website here:

Justine Tabak, inspired and 200% British.

Justine Tabak has dress making in her blood. Her grand-father was already a East-End Tailor. After a solid start in Italy, it was a natural path for this talented designer to get back to home-land. By manufacturing everything in the UK, Justine Tabac get inspired by what is happening in the UK in everyday’s life. After sourcing the best UK fabrics, she produces in small local manufacturers with whom she develops long-term relationships. From Lancashire Mill Girls to Cockney Pearly Queens, she will be exploring the length and breadth of the British Isles for inspiration.



You can visit Justine Tabak website for more information: 

Temperley London, Notting Hill style.

Temperley London is the fashion brand launched in 2000 by Alice Temperley and her companion Lars von Bennigsen. She studied fashion and art at Central Saint Martin as well as at Royal College of Art. She has a strong sense of quality and design. Celebrities like Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister as well as Penelope Cruz and Eva Mendes, made the fashion brand famous. We tend to consider Temperley London as the British Ralph Lauren with nice and comfortable designs aligned with a certain tradition.




To discover more about Alice Temperley and Temperley London, please visit the official website here:

Pringle of Scotland, 202 years of fashion style.

Pringle of Scotland is a fashion brand renowned for luxury cashmere knitwear and holds the royal warrant as manufacturers of knitted garments. It is one of the world’s oldest continually operating fashion companies. The company has its flagship stores in London’s Mount Street, Glasgow and Shanghai and is sold by retailers in 15 countries. Massimo Nicosia is the company’s Menswear Design Director since 2012 and Fran Stringer was announced as the Womenswear Director in 2016.


In order to dive into the world of Pringle of Scotland, do not hesitate to visit the official website.

So as you can see, the UK is an amazing place for fashion. Between the Central Saint Martin School and the Royal College of Arts, there is a considerable number of new fashion designers who arrives into the market. Such a powerful creativity has been in place in London for decades and even beyond.

Jose Amorim

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