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Looking good is a good investment every man should consider in this era where menswear is becoming increasingly varied and abundant. A great fashion sense exhibited through suitable outfit combinations commands both attention and respect, thereby giving the wearer an edge among the crowd. 

But it’s important to note that fashion follows an evolutionary trend every year or season. To that end, fashion tips are necessary to ensure men don’t only dress according to what most people do but also remain classy. So, below are the top eight fashion tips men should consider for a stylish yet appropriate appearance:  

Get Your Clothes Custom-Tailored   

While oversized clothes may be considered trendy for some occasions, there is no harm in adjusting your clothes to fit your body size. Not too big and not too small, just enough fitting that appreciates the body shape and gives breathing space. Custom-tailored clothes make the wearer appear neat, and they also bring out their remarkable features moderately and stylishly.

Choose The Right Pair Of Socks  

The use of socks is a simple but great way to add personality to men’s clothing. Color, length, material, and pattern are factors considered when matching a pair of socks to men’s outfits. As a general rule of thumb, the color of your socks should match that of the trousers. It can be a shade darker or lighter than the trousers, especially when wearing plain socks.   

However, colored or patterned socks should complement rather than match other colors in the outfit. Socks with low cuts are mostly paired with dressings for informal occasions, while mid-calf or higher socks like XXL socks sizes 16-20 are suitable for business or formal settings.  

Try Out Colors

Colors are one of the fundamental elements of style. They add visual appeal to any design or fashion combination. However, selecting the right colors can be confusing for some men, forcing them to stick to dull and neutral tones. To choose a better option, you can utilize the color wheel for complementing color in men’s outfit combinations.

Harmonized use of color in men’s fashion can subtly communicate mood. They can also be matched with the skin tone by gently maintaining a balance between the warm and cool colors.   


Minimize And Harmonize Accessories

Men’s accessories, just like the icing on a cake, should not be overly expressed such that they become distractions to the main points of interest. Men should ensure that all accessories used conform to the kind of outfit worn and blend perfectly with it.   

When worn right, accessories are good complements to men’s looks, as they are known to personalize their styles. A mismatch of accessories can write off the whole appearance.

Invest In The Right Shoes

Shoes are an essential component of men’s clothing. They are one of those things first seen when a young man is approaching, and they can speak volumes about any man. An investment in the right collection of shoes pays off very early as it can attract the intended audience.

Brogues, Oxford, Chukka boots, Chelsea boots, loafers, sneakers, and the Monkstrap shoes are some shoe collections regarded as the minimal essential for men’s wardrobe. When matched with the right dress and the right occasion, shoes distinguish men from boys and class from the crowd.   

Embrace Tidy Looks

Not even the classiest clothing can beat the power of a clean and well-groomed body. Both the wears and the wearer should be cared for. Good clothing is not a substitute for personal hygiene. Instead, it is a complement to it. Your clothes should be kept tidy before and after using them to ensure that they bring the best out of the wearer.  

Wear A Cologne

Fragrance, although invisible, contributes significantly to men’s style and has a compelling effect on the people around. It is advisable to start light as a strong cologne can be repulsive to others.   

Spraying cologne on the heat-generating areas of the body is a good way of creating a nice scent trail. Such a trail can draw people’s attention toward one in a positive light. In addition, cologne suppresses body odor and refreshes the atmosphere.  

Dress For The Occasion

Beyond self-expression, every outfit should be appropriate for the intended occasion. It shows respect for others and ensures conformity to the event, not necessarily the people there.   

Active and comfortable participation in a sports event, for example, is determined to a large extent by the outfits worn. Weddings, funerals, parties, business meetings; all events and parties have their dress codes, and deviance from such may be rude and inappropriate.  


Regardless of location or interpersonal differences, people will always find men with good fashion sense attractive. Even before any form of close interaction, the right fashion choice communicates a man’s personality, thereby simplifying the efforts required to have a proper stand in public. With a good fashion combination, every man can command presence.

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