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OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom. The service is used primarily by sex workers who produce pornography, but it also hosts the work of other content creators, such as physical fitness experts and musicians.

Content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the “fans”. The website was reported to have 2 million content creators and 130 million users as of August 2021. It allows content creators to receive monthly funding directly from their fans, one-time tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.

The website has been criticized for insufficiently preventing child sexual abuse material from circulating on the platform, though statistical evidence on the severity of the problem is mixed. In August 2021, a campaign to investigate OnlyFans began in the United States Congress. It was reported that from October 2021 onward, OnlyFans would no longer allow sexually explicit material due to pressure from banks that OnlyFans used for user payments. However, this decision was reversed six days later due to backlash from users and creators alike.

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What To Know Before Creating an OnlyFans Account

Because OnlyFans pays highly, influencers and content producers swarm to it. As an illustration, Bella Thorne, a former Disney star, reportedly gained over $2 million in less than a week after joining OnlyFans in 2020.

OnlyFans offers secure and convenient rewards to content providers. They must submit their bank account details, to which OnlyFans will send funds, before uploading any content. As a middleman, OnlyFans collects fans’ subscription money and distributes it to content producers after taking a 20 per cent cut.

Despite this, there may still be risks for content providers on the network, some of which can lead to monetary difficulties, emotional anguish, and even bodily violence. Small content producers can suffer from significant risks you do not consider before creating your account. Here are some of them so at least you know:

Promoter scams

Since the environment for content creators on OnlyFans is competitive, many indie artists seek out promoters to hasten the growth of their accounts. The issue is that not all promoters are trustworthy. These fraudulent promoters will contact you (typically through other social media platforms), offer their services, and then disappear with your money without fulfilling their promise. If you decide to hire a promotion, investigate the agency thoroughly and not blindly believe everyone who contacts you.

Copyright issues

Sadly, “OnlyFans leaks” are widely available online. When a subscriber screenshots your stuff and reuploads it somewhere else, it leaks. The people most likely to fall victim to copyright violations are those who create explicit content. You may easily use a tool on OnlyFans to watermark your videos to stop content piracy. However, OnlyFans has a dedicated copyright team that will send free takedown requests to websites, hosting providers, and search engines if someone continues to leak your work. But as you can imagine, once your image is “out there”, there is no turning back.

Identity fraud

On OnlyFans, your online identity can be stolen and exploited to make money. The majority of the time, criminals utilize Instagram and TikTok model profiles. They obtain images and videos from these websites, download them, and post them to a fictitious OnlyFans account. The network now demands content producers validate their identities before they can start earning since there has been a recent spike in this kind of identity theft on OnlyFans.

A place for stalkers

The possibility of stalking is real and hazardous for content producers, especially those with enthusiastic and passionate fans. Numerous instances of stalking by OnlyFans members have been reported. For example, one stalker allegedly snuck into the New Hampshire House of an OnlyFans model, hid in the attic, and then snapped pictures of the model while she slept.

Here is a video from a former OnlyFans Creator explaining all the dangers you might face if you start an OnlyFans account tomorrow:


Creating an OnlyFans Account Can Damage Your Inner-Self.

Having an OnlyFans account may appear somewhat unimportant at first. “Put your camera on, take a picture or a video, post it online, gain followers, and earn money.” It’s a significant choice that might affect your long-term future, heart, and intellect.

Mental health will be challenged

When you become an OnlyFans content creator, you will be exposed to all sorts of dangers and pressure. This will put you under pressure and contribute to damaging your mental health. By having this “secret-not-so-secret-activity” you will be continuously wondering if your family, neighbours, future Boss, might bump into it at one point. You will live in constant pressure.

You will always be asked for more

You might think that you will be in control of what you publish and/or share, but reality is that you will always be asked for more and more and more. Your subscribers will ask you always for more explicit, more extreme, more disrespectful requests. If you decide to not accomodate their demands, they will threat you to take your account down and/or to unsubscribe from your page. Some sex predators can be very straight-forward others are more subtle and will force you to do things you would not be happy to do.

Making money is not that easy

Some hot content creators can make a lot of money, but most people don’t. And even if you earn a good living at the beginning, you will always have to improve to continue earning money. This is how the economy of the sex industry works. Money is fleeting and unreliable. It is there one day and may be gone the next. You end up chasing after him, doing more than you ever thought you would do to get the next dollar.

The dramatic path to prostitution and drugs

New content creators can make some money, but once the novelty wears off, you either have to pull out all the stops or it’s back home. With the market becoming increasingly saturated with “content creators”, this problem will only get worse. This is exactly what we have seen in mainstream porn. Most professional porn performers have found themselves caught in a spiral where they do more and more hardcore content for less and less money and end up turning to the escort business. This is one of the reasons the rate of drug abuse is so high in the sex industry. Many find that the only way out is to take drugs.

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If you are interested to read more about psychological consequences, you can read a great study done by Avery Center, relatives to the impact of such activity. The results of that study is pretty straight to the point. Click here to read the full study:
New Report on OnlyFans

Once You are in OnlyFans, there is no turning back

People may think that you can create an OnlyFans account, make some sex money for a while and once you have accomplished a certain level of money, you can stop just in switching off the account. Reality is different. The consequences of creating an OnlyFans account is beyond a certain period of time. It will follow you your entire life. And for all these reasons, you should think twice before going there.

Stalkers will bring hell to your life

Being a OnlyFans content creator is not a marvelous path to fortune. You will be constantly sexual harassed by stalkers and other sex predators. They will ask you for more and more hardcore requests. Things that you will not even imagine it exists. In deed, those harassers are mentally addicted to sex and they are also in a negative spiral. If you refuse to obey, you will be verbally treated badly, you will receive threats and those bad people will track you in all your social networks and even try to find you in real life. And trust me, you do not want this kind of people around you.

It might block your personal projects

Because of your actions on OnlyFans, you might not be able to work with minors or for organizations run by the government that do background checks. Not to mention how tough it is to keep former and present coworkers or classmates from finding out what you have done. So you might be stucked within the sex industry for your entire life. This will isolate you from your friends and positive people that could have a good influence in your life.

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You will loose yourself

By living other people’s sex dreams and being the object (almost a sex slave) of others, you will little by little forget who you are and what you like. It means that you will for sure have problems in your personal relationships with family, friends and lovers. It will be hard to sense reality and also to differenciate your sex personal life from your professional sex duties.

Your ability to have healthy relationships and share intimacy with others will likely be deeply affected. It’s hard to believe that someone appreciates you for who you are as a person and not for what you could do for them sexually. It takes a lot of time and work to recover from all of this.

Final words

I hope that this article has procured a certain light into your path. The aim of this article is not to block OnlyFans. My ambition is to give you some clues about what awaits you in case you wish to embrace this choice. On a personal note I believe there are other ways to earn money while keeping your human dignity: from online opportunities, to building your own businesses or even getting educational training to aspire a better professional situation. There are multitude of organizations that can support you in case you need help. Here are some of them but you can easily find counceling nearby your location.

Be gentle to yourself because you will always be your very best friend.

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