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One of the biggest challenges for luxury brands in terms of communication is Social Media. They are not used to it, they wonder how to do it and most of the time they treat it as if it was an one-shot. So to be successful you need to get the right keys and that is the mission of FLOW, the European Social Media conference exclusively dedicated to fashion and beauty companies.


Flow takes place every year in Paris, just a day before Fashion week. It is organized by Ykone, a leading French fashion community hub. Created by fashion lovers for fashion lovers, Ykone is your one-step fashion destination for news, interviews, shopping and much, much more.

Flow, Fashion and Luxury meet high-tech

The aim of the conference is to provide a rendez-vous between the creative minds who are shaping the social landscape of tomorrow and Brands. Every year there is a main leading theme and this year, the topic is:

Obstacles and Opportunities: The future of Digital Content in the Luxury industry.

In order to make the discussions edgy, several Social Media top world people will be part of the official speakers program. From Facebook, to Tumblr, Condé Nast, Vestiaire Collective, Nitrogram, TopShop, Publicis or Pinterest, all will bring a clear vision of future trends.


It will take place in a special place in Paris called 8Valois. An eco-friendy place providing a modern and practical location for the conference. Every year, the event groups more than 200 people, all working for high-end brands like Chanel, LVMH, Coty or L’Oréal.


Connect to the dedicated website to learn more about FLOW and register as long as there is still some places left:



Digital Content: how, where and to whom ?

10 years ago, we would say that content is key. Then, 5 years ago we would add that qualitative content is key. Today we would complete the sentence by saying that Qualitative relevant content is key.


So, talking about the future, we realize that Content creation is not anymore a problem as many online platforms (paid or free) offer the possibility to create qualitative and relevant content. Companies also understand the importance on investing in relevant content for the customer. But what happens when you have the content in your hands? Well you will face one of the most important future challenges: How to deliver it.


With several internet devices, from tablets to smartphones, wifi, 3G, 4G, LTE, Social Media, blogs and affiliated websites…. delivering the content to the customer is challenging. Why? Because it goes with the User Experience. All fashion and luxury brands need to find a way to convey the best, unique and surprising emotions and dreams. It is all about touchpoints with your customers. Here some interesting infographics about the usage of content and the way things are more complex today.

Social-Networking-statistics Internet-TV-statistiques Social-Advertising-statistics

So only a few more days to get your open door to Digital content comprehension. A great way to start fashion week.


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