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Some Brands understand the power of emotions and the ones who establish an emotional connection with their customers have a big victory. That was the challenge for Porsche. To connect to fans and non-fans through an amazing visual and sound experience only Porsche could think about thanks to the help of amp. Welcome to the Porsche Sound Lab.


At the heart of the experience is the Soundlab, which features an iconic Porsche 911 embedded in an upscale sound studio environment. Using an iPad app specially developed by amp, visitors select from three driving scenarios – Miami’s Ocean Drive, Tyro’s Kaunertal glacier road and Germany’s legendary Nürburgring raceway. For motor racing fans these tracks are purely iconic. Being able to share this amazing driving experience, Porsche created an emotional connection with visitors and make then understand what was so passionate about the German brand.

The Porsche’s roaring engine, recorded on location and at Porsche Dynamometer in Weissach, mingles with field recordings to create fully immersive soundscapes in 7.1 surround sound. As visitors listen, they watch the local surroundings of each scenario stream by, projected onto the car using state-of-the-art 3D visual mapping. For the video and audio recording, amp used 9 cameras (Go Pro) and 6 microphones that were all attached to the Porsche 911 during the recordings on Miami’s Ocean Drive, the Kaunertal slopes in Tyrol and on the legendary Nürburgring in Germany.


amp was responsible for the entire creative and technical realization of the Soundlab. Using sound to tell stories and place the car in a uniquely emotional context, the agency engaged visitors across cultures and continents while triggering an overwhelming press response. Due to the project’s success, Porsche has decided to bring it to additional metropolises in 2015 and 2016. Here is a video about the project that explains the main ideas and their execution within the store.

By creating a modern vision of a automobile dealer store, Porsche brings a more natural and less corporate aspect to it. A car dealer store can be very intimidating and some people would not even dare to enter a Porsche dealer shop. By creating a live experience in which visitors are at the command of this truly immersive moment.

For this project, amp won a prestigious reddot award this year in Communication Design for this groundbreaking project, “Sound of Porsche: Stories of a Brand”, a multi-sensory pop-up store created specially for the Stuttgart car manufacturer and presented in New York, London and Shanghai.

amp is transforming the sound of retail. As world-leading agency for sound branding, they use exclusive brand strategy tools to develop in-store sounds that bind a brand to its audience. Research indicates that 96 percent of potential customers better remember a brand whose music reflects its identity; the right retail sound can encourage longer visits, drive up sales and improve staff performance. Independent, owner-managed and international, with offices in Munich, Miami and Zurich, amp has won the highest awards in its field and counts some of the world’s most prestigious brands among its clients. Please check amp official website to learn more about the amazing work they are doing by reshaping the sound marketing landscape.

Luxury brands have strong and almost endless territories to explore and their stories as their campaigns require a true ingenuity in the story telling. By making new customers to dream, brands like Porsche will get loyalty from their clients and will prepare the future of the brand. This project is an interesting approach of things as it puts in perspective the interest of technology at the service of story telling. People will not ask themselves “how it works” but more “how did I feel”. This is perhaps the key to their hearts.



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